that's a wrap

well, to close the first month of the new year, i would like to share what has transpired so far in the last 31 daysmy son has the energy of 8 boys. look he's multiplying! ok that's not so bad, but it is exhausting!...more

Before it's too late...

Thinking about the future or dwelling too much in the past is a challenge for me. But, the garden, it helps me stay in the present; the sound of the birds, the chime and the light breeze all to remind me to stay present in the moment.  There is nothing like the scent of flowers or the sight of a butterfly to quiet the chatter in my head. There are countless small gifts from the garden, but its power to make me stop and be “present” is its greatest reward....more

The Badass Mama's Guide to Stress-Free Mornings

OK, so MAYBE the title is a bit of an over-promise. But, if you follow a few of my handy-dandy tips, you can find yourself making it through back-to-school mornings with less yelling, less hair-pulling and even a little more Zen… ...more
I love this list! I'm a work-from-home mom, but I still need help having stress-free mornings. I ...more

Small Sentiments: Making Your Valentine Feel Loved All Year Long

These are the Busy Days of Our Lives...more