Save Time With Freezer Cooking

Prepare all of your meals ahead of time and freeze them. You will be amazed at how much time you will save each week. Here is a collection of freezer cooking tips and recipes that will definitely make your life easier! It may seem like a lot to do at first, but you will thank yourself the next time you come home exhausted and all you have to do is go to your freezer and grab a container....more

10 Tips for Sandwich Generation Moms to Find Balance

I am a card-carrying member of the Sandwich Generation, which simply means that I take care of my home and kids as well as coordinating care for my aging mother. After performing this juggling act for over ten years, I believe I am some-what of an expert in the area of balancing a multi-generational family. Taking care of multiple family members can be a challenge so I offer you this list of tips for your diverse family management:...more
 @Kristen Brakeman  @sandwichgenmom  Thanks Kristen! That means a lot from a fellow Sandwich mom! :)more

If You Give a Mom a Coffee, She'll Want...

If you give a mom a coffee, she’ll want a donut to go with it. So she’ll stop by this great bakery on the way to the kid’s school drop off, get the éclair instead, and eat it in four bites. Stuffing her face with saturated fat and sugar will remind her that she’s fifteen pounds overweight. So she heads to the gym....more
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7 Tips for Busy Moms

One of the favorite phrases of kids is, “I’m bored.” You know, as in they have nothing to do, would like to be entertained, have finished all the play they had on their list of things to do and literally don’t know what to do with themselves. I do not understand the concept of boredom. Seems like once you have children, being bored becomes a luxury. If I’m not carpooling kids, making something to eat for a hungry child, signing paperwork for school/camp/sports, attending a dance recital or soccer tournament, cleaning up in front of the adolescent tornado following me around, or entertaining said-bored children, I’m mulling over all these things on a constant rotation in my head....more
my kids never said that when they were kids. or now. never heard those words from them. ...more

Preoccupied Mommy Minds

My friend was making a recipe the other day that called for chicken stock, so she faithfully boiled a chicken for several hours, adding all of the delicious ingredients. She said the house smelled divine as the broth slowly simmered on the stovetop. Finally, it came time to get the stock and use it in her dish, so she did what she normally did when boiling chicken: she poured it all into a colander over the sink. However, this meant that rather than having the broth to use in her dish, she mistakenly poured every last bit of it down the drain....more
Exactly. I felt so bad for her.... @sassymonkeymore

Work by Day, Blog by Night

Am I crazy?  Maybe so.  Unlike most mommy bloggers I work full-time outside of the home.  I guess I am one of those people that try to add on another hat to keep the rest of them from falling.  Recently I did not receive a promotion that I worked very hard for.  I know I deserved the promotion so it was hard when I received the news.  However, I believe all things happen for a reason and it has fueled my fire.  I am still giving 100% at work by day but, I have also decided to step up my blogging at night. ...more

When I went back to work full time after my second maternity leave, I had to make up some time - ...more

To cook or not to cook, that is the question...

Every busy mom struggles with this question. To cook or not to cook? To be totally honest, I didn't even learn to cook until I got married. My poor husband. The torture I put him thru tasting the food. Now he tells me that the food used to burn his lips with all the salt that was added. Oops, sorry.   Nobody wants to spend their evenings in the kitchen. I say experiment with what you have. For those, like me that are still learning, there is nothing wrong with that....more

Every Mom goes through the nightly stress of "what's for dinner?".

If YOUR Mom or Grandma ...more

Simplify your holiday gift giving with handmade gift boxes.

It's never too early to start planning your gift giving for the holiday season. After all, it takes time to find something special for each recipient, and you certainly don't want to give a gift that's going to be returned the next day. But it's not just the gifts that are important. The presentation of your gifts is important as well. And if you're a busy mom - aren't all moms busy? - sometimes you just don't have the time to wrap after the shopping is done....more

Sunday Night Blues

I would get it every Sunday. It would start in the late afternoon, a sadness laced with dread, a weight pressing lightly on my chest. As the evening wore on, the feeling would get stronger, the weight on my chest heavier, until I tucked the kids in bed. Only then could I fully contemplate the week ahead. I’d open my Google calendar, with its absurd overlapping red and purple boxes representing all the places I was expected at the same time....more

Why Can't I Get Anything Done?

Here it is 12:36 PM and I have yet to get one thing done on my list of Things-To-Do. Why? I have been busy. Really I have....more