Schedule Workouts: The Most Important Meeting of the Day

I love making a schedule.  Something about it makes me feel terribly accomplished even if I haven’t done a darn thing yet except type it into the calendar.  A schedule means I have a plan.  Or at least a plan to make a plan.  Either way, I feel like I’m about to make things happen!...more

A large family-How to keep it all together

 If you are like me, trying to keep track of everything without post its, scrap paper taped everywhere, an occasional pen art reminder on the back of your hand, dry erase boards full, desire for a chalk board refrigerator or wall, an overloaded smartphone calendar etc is IMPOSSIBLE! And with all those things I still miss so much, why? NO organization to the madness!!...more

Legal Slobbing

Who wants a little downtime? An excuse to kick back and do nothing without having to feel guilty about taking the time to do… nothing. Raise your hand!...more

What a beautiful morning

I love the quiet of the morning. It’s going to be a busy day and I enjoy the moments just before the grandchildren run downstairs looking for breakfast and Nana lovin. It’s our morning ritual as they crawl up in my lap and start their day with hugs and cuddle time from Nana. The moments before this are the sweet, quiet minutes with only the birds outside and the click of my fingers on the keyboard. I’m thankful for mornings. ...more

BlogHer Pain

Like most women, my life is generally busy and full.  I run my own business, have a family that I love, lots of activities like training for a marathon and now, hoop dancing.  I have a good life.  The month of June brought some big events, not good but not tragic either, and there was a good amount of residue left when July came rolling around.  You know how it goes:  my practice was full, family members who never come to visit decided that July was the month they'd be here, a dear friend was coming cross-country to visit, it was hopping....more

The Brain Break

 After what amounts to a few solid of weeks of letting my brain get jacked up on career development, twisted around world news and having it scroll down to do lists and contacts, I decided this afternoon it was Brain Break time....more