Simple Herbed Butter

Creamy butter, fresh herbs from the garden, and crusty french bread from the oven..I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!...more

Street Festival Corn on the Cob

You know it's summer time when every weekend there is a different street festival happening. And if you're in the Midwest there's corn. Lots of corn. When you can get corn at a street festival then you're really in business. ...more

A Case for Butter

Butter, delicious enough on its own, but when sweet and savory flavors are added, it takes it to a whole new level. That’s exactly what we’re doing her today. Three recipes that will reward you with good eats a plenty.Let’s begin with Compound Butter. It’s about as versatile as it gets....more

Pumpkin Butter

IT IS TIME.Today is the first day of this year’s 13 Days of Pumpkin.I’ve been waiting months for this, I’m so excited!We’ll start with something that was on my list last year, but I never got around to doing: pumpkin butter.I was going to come up with a simple crock pot recipe, and then I found this decadent pumpkin butter recipe from I Bake, He Shoots. I tried it, loved it, and now…it’s the one I’m going to recommend. (Well, that’s an easy first day, isn’t it?)...more

Homemade Honey Butter In A Food Processor

Have you made butter? Don’t worry — you won’t need an antique butter churn or even a cow, although if you had one or both it would be swell. You can make butter in a quart jar, a ideal for toning your arms. Or, you can grab your handy dandy food processor and have creamy butter in minutes!Follow these simple instructions:

I Can't Believe I Made My Own Butter!

I never thought the day would come when I would make my own butter!  I thought it was all about milkmaids dressed in long petticoats and churning endlessly in wooden barrels.  When I realised that all that's to it is to overbeat cream, I just couldn't resist giving it a go. It's a really fun thing to do, super-easy and you can add your own flavours too. ...more
A few times. And when I'm making whipped cream my mother always things I'll beat it to butter. ...more

Sea Salt Caramel, Cinnamon & Vanilla Butter

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Because it's NOT!

This might be the funniest name for a non-butter spread knock-off product I have ever come across!...more