Healthy Thanksgiving side dish: Parmesan and sage crusted butternut squash

Welcome to day 2 of Thanksgiving Week! Every day this week I’ll be posting a new healthy Thanksgiving recipe to serve as inspiration for your own Turkey Day feast.  That’s 7 recipes in 7 days!  The week will flow just like a menu, from starters and salads to side dishes and mains....more

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash fries

I don’t know about you, but I always have some extra butternut squash on hand that I can’t get rid of.Or not.Anyhoo, some friends gave us two of them recently. Definitely not a vegetable I ever cook with. But, I didn’t want them to go to waste. After some searching, I decided on these tasty fries. I’m always excited when a recipe pans out, and to top it off, these were a hit with our 11 month old, too. Added bonus....more

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I had one more butternut squash in my pantry and wondered what to do with it. I’ve already had pasta with butternut squash sauce several times throughout the winter. Now was the time for something equally creamy and comforting, but still a little bit different. It was an easy choice to make Butternut Squash Lasagna. It is light and healthy, yet incredibly creamy version of favorite Italian dish. Vegetable is used instead of meat, part of fatty cheese is replaced with cottage cheese (or ricotta) and there is only 3 Tbsp oil (or butter) in white bechamel sauce to make it light....more

Favourite Salad for Serving with Roast Chicken: Roast Butternut Squash, Red Onion and Chickpea

A week or so ago, after I had finished a culinary tour, I decided to treat myself to a healthy, if late, lunch.  I decided to head to Vinnie's Deli. I'd seen it many times, walked passed, and promised myself a visit.  ...more

Butternut Squash Eggnog

About a month ago, I made myself a butternut squash smoothie and put a pinch of gingerbread spice in it, without taking much thought of it. When I tried it, I thought to myself: “It tastes so Christmassy, just like eggnog!”. It was creamy and thick and had a nice yellow color. I was surprised and thrilled at the same time. Immediately I knew I had to make it again for Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the exact recipe for Butternut Squash Eggnog, so now I’m trying to recreate it....more

Creamy Butternut Squash Tortellini Soup

What could be more comforting on a foggy autumn day than a bowl of butternut squash soup? Answer: a bowl of creamy butternut squash soup with tortellini.>> read more...more

Butternut Squash Purée - Recipe

     It is always a special time when the butternut squashes start appearing in the stores and farm markets.  It seems to be a herald of fall weather and slow cooking recipes to come.  Sort of like what my grandmother used to say about katydids.  The first hard frost will come 90 days after the first katydids start to chirp.  Katydids are those bush cricket bugs that you hear in the fall.  It is only fitting to reminise about grandparents, because mine use to make a butternut squash purée like this for Sunday suppers....more

Rosemary Garlic Butternut Squash Fries

When I’m in the mood for a guilty pleasure but don’t want to bust my diet, one of my favorite go-to sides are fries made out of my favorite potato or squash. Opting to bake these fries rather than fry them makes them a much healthier option than the traditional fries many of us grew up loving. I try only to make these about once a week, opting for more greens as my family’s sides on a regular basis, but these give us the taste of splurging without being too unhealthy. My latest experiment with butternut squash resulted in this… ...more

Trial and Error: The 5 Things I Learned About Blog Writing This Week at Clearly Delicious

Many think it’s foolishness to claim that ignorance is bliss. Well, to achieve food blog recipe perfection, sometimes ignorance is necessary. ...more