Vintage Fashion Fairs - UK see, touch, smell vintage fashion So many of us buy online these days, it’s so easy and even cheap to have things shipped right to your door and all in the comfort of your own home. I do this myself alot and heck my own shop is based online so I am feeding into the online buying mania myself but when buying vintage there is nothing better then seeing pieces in person. Touching, smelling, taking in the true age of each and every bit of the item that you simply miss when looking at a picture on your screen....more

The Four Important C's to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond

If you are planning to invest in a quality piece of diamond jewelry, are you aware that there are several things that need to be considered before your final purchase?...more

Grand Opening for Mom Audience Marketplace - Buy or Sell Mom-Appealing Products!

I'm very excited to announce the Grand Opening of Mom Audience Marketplace, where you can buy and sell products that appeal to moms.Mom Audience Marketplace narrows down your search whether you're buying or selling. Our mom audience subscribers are looking for mom-appealing products - a great place to sell your wares. And, if you're shopping, we have products that moms want!  If you have a product to sell, you can get double exposure by listing your product on our Mom Audience weekly email, too. It's free!For all the details, go to

Want to Be Your Own Boss and Own Your Own Business? Start-Up Help & Money for Veterans

Are you a U.S. military veteran?  An ever-growing number of U-S military veterans are returning home and joining the ranks of entrepreneurship.  ...more

What helps you make decisions on a big purchase?

Ah, DC. Yesterday, while Mr. Micah and I were out, I saw and heard two completely ridiculous advertisements. #1 -- Redskins player with a forgettable name and position* comes on the radio. He asks us whether we consider ourselves Redskins fans. Because he has news--unless our cell phone provider is Sprint, we don't love the 'skins at all. Why? Because Sprint is offering 'skins skins for their customers. #2 -- On the metro, there were a number of fliers for a condo community. They emphasized that your welcome gift would be a flatscreen tv (I didn't see size mentioned). ...more