Vintage Finds Magazine

The latest issue of Vintage Finds has taken longer than expected but I think you will love it.  I'm happy to have some wonderful contributors in this issue.  Carol Turner of The Polka Dot Closet, Chic & Shabby's very own Sue Farash & Karen Bogan share photos of their trip to the Farm Girls Show and some Summer glamping with the Little Vintage Trailer. Issue available July 4th at ...more

Sewmantra by Martiel Features Another Artist

Sewmantra: Monthly Artist Features | Simple. Just Add Glitter...: I am a designer for a very cool and upcoming site called Things Crafty. As a design member, I do many things for members of this site, which subsequently, you can benefit from too because it's free to join, just sign up! ...more

Buying Blogger-Made This Holiday Season

There are two things I love about shopping at small independent merchants: first, I can buy things that are one of a kind. Second, I am directly supporting a cottage industry run by someone I could potentially get to know; our transaction is the beginning of a relationship beyond the simple acquisition of goods or services, especially if that person blogs, and I become a regular reader and commenter. It’s sort of like going to my local farmer’s market or my CSA to pick up a bunch of kale from the farmer whose fields I pass on the way to my son’s school. Why wouldn’t I shop that way? ...more
As we were at Toys R Us today, I was thinking there has to be a better way with better products ...more

halloween cj tuesday

i love halloween…the costumes and little people faces as they say “trick or treat“…so here are my favorite craftjuice finds for all things spooky…...more

Handmade for Earth Day 2010 Auction by Team EcoEtsy

  Team EcoEtsy started its Handmade for Earth Day auction today.   ...more

CPSIA Stay Brings Time to Find Compromise

On January 30th, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to place a one year stay on the testing and certification requirements for certain products manufactured for use with children 12 and younger. ...more

The Case for Purchasing Art in an Economic Downturn

"How's business?" I ask an artist friend who practically wrote the book on making a boutique business thrive and prosper with the help of the web. "You can hear crickets chirping," she tells me. "No one's buying a thing." ...more


I am an arts education advocate (blah blah artist) and boy is it tough right ...more