Debra Prinzing: Seasonal + Sustainable = Slow Flowers

Debra Prinzing, author of Slow Flowers, answers questions about seasonal, sustainable, and local flowers. ...more

Farmer's Market Sunday

www.abowlfullofsimple.comBeautiful Sunday morning at our local Farmer’s MarketA feast for the senses – A feast for dinner...more

I'm A Nosy Neighbor

Where does your food come from? A few years ago, I would have answered this question by naming my favorite grocery store. In the not too distant past however, I began to have a deeper interest in food, particularly in it's origins....more

Buy Local: The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy

This is a guest post from my husband, Peter James. I'm new to Windsor and love the adventure of finding stores and services that fulfill my desire to "shop locally." ...more


 Feeling a bit under the weather today so wasn’t sure if I was going to make my deadline today or not. But, here I am..refusing to let a little cold stop me from my committment!!I saw this earlier today on Facebook and loved it:...more

Buy Local: Resources to Consider

Being so new to Windsor, I am always happy to hear recommendations from others who have lived in the city much longer than I have, so I was really pleased that one of my readers ...more

Buy Local: Green Bean Café

Big box stores, national chains, non-Canadian-owned corporations doing business in Canada... you can't get away from them these days. They have their place, of course - I myself have been known to take advantage of their bargain prices and wide selection - but what saddens and concerns me is their profound effect on smaller, locally-owned "Mom and Pop"-type stores, which seem to be harder and harder to find every day. ...more

Is the “Buy Local” Movement Anti-China?

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet? This year, the “Buy Local” message seems to be more prominent than ever. It’s a message with which I generally agree. My nieces and nephews always get gifts from the awesome independent children’s bookstore, and I like to check out small boutiques for things such as artisan foods and local honey. So when a “Buy Local” email was forwarded to my inbox, I was really disappointed to see the racist undertones in the message. 2011 Holidays -- Birth of a New Tradition...more
 @madeinusachallenge I'm glad you appreciate the difference between supporting fair labor and ...more