Buy Nothing Day

Today November 23rd & November 24th are the national & international Buy Nothing Days. Learn more at or Fortunately for me "buying nothing" will not be hard because as of today November 23rd, 2012, I haven't been graced with my dream salary to go along with my dream job. ;)...more

Buy Nothing Day and Giving Tuesday

If you read my post last week about how important it is to be thoughtful about what you purchase, then you might be able to imagine how unbelievably ill the holiday season of over-consumption makes me. Particularly the insanity around Black Friday....more

Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day: Which Do You Choose?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, kicks off the traditional holiday retail season. Stores and malls are focused on attracting shoppers with extensive “bust-the-doors” sales that offer dramatically discounted products, especially toys and electronics. Major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Toys R Us all offer significant bargains to customers who line up the night before to  run in stores at the crack of dawn (stores open their doors as early as 4 AM)....more

I'm against the mass consumerism that Black Friday represents.  Here's what we did ...more

Cheap, green, and easy ways to spend less on the holidays -- without feeling deprived

Pretty much everyone bemoans how consumerism's killed Christmas and other winter holidays -- and how much they want no part of that crappy-plastic-gizmo-giving, money-wasting dealio. Yet cheapo useless gifts seem to fly off the shelves every year. What gives? ...more

If only all marketers were as thoughtful as you are! Unfortunately, it's no secret that much ...more

Watcha Gonna Do with all that Money you Saved?

This week it's National Buy Nothing Day, a special day where we avoid the after Thanksgiving Day sales and purchase absolutely nothing for one whole day. It's like a high-colonic for the soul. You may not want to do it, but you will feel so. much. better. ...more

I love the Kiva organization - a friend bought all her friends Kiva gift cards a couple of years ...more

Black Friday is coming -- are you ready to shop?

I have a confession: I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. I know! Can you believe it? But I've been thinking quite a bit about shopping, particularly how you can work Black Friday, which is the traditional start of the Christmas holiday season (do you hear that, retailers who started playing carols in the stores on NOVEMBER 1?). Are you ready to shop? Let's talk strategy. ...more

Dana, we could probably turn that into a reality TV show.