But what about the women who WANT to have babies?

With all the news lately about “women’s issues” and women’s rights, there is an important point that is severely lacking attention and leaving me feeling frustrate, saddened and even angry....more
TerriLynnMerritts Unfortunately your story is similar to many American women, except you had the ...more

Third Time's the Charm

Third Time’s the CharmPosted on March 30, 2014 by Kathy Radigan...more

Giving birth after a c-section

Every so often, my husband and I discuss the possibility of baby #2. We’re not planning on having another any time soon, but it’s nice to at least have a general idea of what needs to happen before baby #2 can happen. (#1 on my list is making sure the kid we already have is potty trained, and we’re 6 months out from even attempting that.)...more

Lying About Birth: Yes, Kate Winslet Should Feel Ashamed

A friend recently brought to my attention, via Facebook, that Kate Winslet apparently just came out as having lied about having a natural childbirth when in fact she had an emergency c-section. She was embarrassed about having had the section. There seems to be a “c-sections are nothing to be embarrassed about” movement stirring up over this which I kind of think is ridiculous....more
Moms can't win no matter what. C-section, vaginal birth, breastfeeding, staying at home, ...more

Giving Birth - A Parody

To all of my c-section mothers -this one is for YOU!Giving birth to my 3 children was the most significant and empowering moment that I have ever experienced.I had an entirely new sense of control and knew instinctively what to do…during my 3 c-sections. It was definitely everything, every woman would like it to be....more

In Praise of C-Sections

Cesarean sections get a lot of attitude. They get a lot of snark. They're looked down upon. Many women feel like they've failed their babies and themselves should they give in to the the doctor's suggestion of a section. Many more feel guilty their entire lives because they (shudder) opted for one.Any quick google search will show you that "more women are dying in childbirth, and it's due to increased Cesarean sections."...more