How to Shred Cabbage

Cabbage is amazingly versatile and good all year round. It’s slightly sweet and extremely adaptable. Most cabbage recipes call for shredded cabbage, which leads us into today’s post on how to effectively shred a gorgeous head of cabbage. Once it’s shredded, it’s best to use as soon as possible. If you need to, you can seal tightly in the fridge and it will keep for a couple of days, but I prefer to use it right away for better flavor and texture.Sharpen your knife and let’s get to it!...more

Purple Cabbage Stir fry recipe

Red Cabbage Stir Fry / Purple Cabbage Stir fry is a traditional popular kerala side dish prepared with very few ingredients like cabbage, coconut, onion and green chilli Red cabbage is a nutrition packed vegetable with anticancer properties and phytonutrients. Crunchy vegetable tastes good when tossed with indian spices and coconut Red Cabbage Thoran is a side dish and an important part of Kerala sadhya where grated or fine chopped vegetables are mild sauteed with onions and green chillies....more

Shred, Head, Butter and Bread

Corned Beef and Cabbage

St. Patty’s day is tomorrow! Are you celebrating? Did you forget to start curing your corned beef 10 days ago? If so, I’ve got just the thing for you!...more

A Pseudo Vegetarian Dish Of Chinese Stir-Fried Cabbages

Unless I can convince my mum to let me bring some over to her place for dinner tonight, this whole wok of vegetables is going to be my dinner for the whole of next week.I’m not going to buy another cabbage for at least a few months....more

Creamy Vegan Coleslaw with Bean Mayonnaise

Did you know that cabbage is ridiculously good for you?If you did, you get a gold star! If not, read on. I promise you’ll like where this is going.It…...more

Garden Update1

Sunday, May 26, 2013    Garden Update 1   ...more

Indian-Spiced Cabbage Sweet Potato Soup

Even by the low standard of fad diets, cabbage soup hit a pretty low point in culinary history. I totally understand if you want to run the other way once you find out that I have a cabbage soup recipe for you today. For those of you brave enough to read on, I guarantee that you’ll be rewarded with a feisty, wholesome, and hearty soup that just happens to be vegan and a nutritional powerhouse. Oh, and it has absolutely nothing to do with post-holiday cleanse because, as we all know, we did not over-indulge in cookies and eggnog the last couple of weeks....more
@edavis I'm so happy your family enjoyed this recipe too!more

cabbage fry

cabbage fry Cabbage is a light green vegetable which is easily digestable and good for health. It reduces the risk of digestion. Drinking cabbage juice daily in the morning makes perfect for a healthy start of our day....more

Hungarian Noodle and Cabbage, Ultimate Comfort Food

Over at Aliette de Bodard's blog, we were talking about egg noodles. She describes herperfumed egg noodles as a "bland" dish that can be served alongside dishes with a stronger flavor. However, the noodles have no less than six seasonings added. I couldn't help comparing it to one of my favorite egg noodle recipes, a dish my family calls Halushka. Halushka is seasoned with salt. That's all....more