A weekend in Napa

We headed to Napa Valley EARLY Friday morning, and we knew we were in for a whirlwind trip!!!  Texas to Napa Valley should NOT be done in a weekend unless you’re fortunate enough to have your own plane:)!!  A girl can dream, right? - See more at: http://www.flipflopsandfurs.com/2015/03/09/weekend-update-napa-valley/#s......more

Kirkland Cabernet Sauvignon: Costco Wine?

Yup, you read the title correctly, Kirkland Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, this weeks wine pick is a Costco private label product. I am sure you were aware of the fact that Costco produces Kirkland sweat socks, trail mix, and cheeses, but you may have missed their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wine offerings. ...more

French Kiss

Back then, I hadn’t mastered the art of finding a flaw.  Hadn’t even thought of it yet.  Of protecting myself from little crushes with a prayer.  Show me, God.  Reveal something undesirable about this guy—halitosis, a lousy work ethic, a collection of Skipper dolls—that’ll make this constant thought of ‘what if’ go away.                                        &nb...more