By now, it was pretty clear that the strange occurrences I was having were real, not coincidence. And that, somehow, they were connected to a) my husband, b) my work, c) Second Life, and d) my grad program....more

Weekend Wrapup

A restful and fun weekend was had by all.  The cabin was again our destination Friday afternoon, late Friday.  I was in charge of cooking bacon when I arrived, C was bringing fresh cut tomatoes, J was bringing the fixin's for BLT's.  The Hubby and I unloaded our car, put the cushions on the screened porch and waited.  The evening was wonderful.  Company arrived, we ate and then more cabiniters arrived after our dinner to enjoy the fabulous evening air and visit....more

Vacation, Well Maybe

I love that kind of vacation. :) more

Weekend Continued...

This past weekend was just beautiful.  We didn't have much in the way of sun but the temperature was perfect and the birds were very happy, as was I.  The hammock didn't come out like planned but I did spend most of my time on the screened porch, even napping on the rocking couch.  I had a great morning reading, journaling, napping and watching all the birds find my feeders.  I moved a sprinkler around to the various places in the yard to which the robins were very happy to find several worms peeking up. ...more

Weekend Happenings

Today I will spend my day doing this, not painting but laying in my hammock.  Looking at the sky, wondering, daydreaming, sleeping, reading, and contemplating the universe.  This will be all you get from me today!...more

Cabin Time and Mood Music

Our one night at the cabin yielded a few nice pictures.  When we pulled up Friday night I was greeted with these beautiful clematis.  My clematis were in full bloom with the promise of more to come.  My new peonies were blooming but not very nice so no pictures yet.  ...more


I took a wonderful ride on the golf cart last night and enjoyed a beautiful sunset... ...more

Weekend Happinins'

Saturday morning! I'm just tapping away here on my keyboard because I committed to posting everyday and I HAVE TOO! Friday was also a day of some nice rain that we have needed and still cloudy skies today. We arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon and almost immediatedly had a holler from Jimbo next door and shortly after the phone rang and Miss Harri called me over for our usual glass of wine+! It was a quiet Friday evening of visiting, pizza and wine. Nice evening last night. Today The Hubby and I are taking a drive to Grand Lake to check out a friends cabin!...more

Come Saturday Morning

I'm sitting here at the cabin enjoying the conversation of The Hubby and a friend that stayed the night....more

Sunday Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful January 15 day. Actually, yesterday was my little Bro's birthday and I FORGOT to call him. Meant to many times but just kept getting side-tracked by the day. Anyway, back to the walk. I was all packed up from our weekend at the cabin....more