What Is The Difference Between Satelite TV and Cable TV

In the entertainment world today, the ongoing debate between the two biggest competitors “Digital Satellite Television” and ‘Digital Cable TV” is that which one is the best and much more preferred for an individual.Satellite TV is universal in the world and can also be accessed anywhere in rural or urban areas. Any place which is within the range of the satellite footprint can subscribe for satellite TV. So people mainly prefer having satellite TV.Cable TV is confined mainly to towns, cities i.e. urban areas. Remote areas cannot access cable TV....more

Michigan Comcast Customers to be Transitioned Into a New Company

The majority of Comcast cable and internet services in Michigan could transition over to a new company in the coming months, Comcast announced earlier this week.Comcast announced recently that they would be creating a new, publicly traded company to handle the service of about 2.5 million customers in the Michigan area. Comcast subscribers in Southwest Michigan will not be affected by the change. The change could also affect customers in other markets, but final announcements have not been made....more

How HGTV Changed My Life

Call me crazy, but I've never been a cable tv kinda girl. Now, don't get me wrong. I like my fair share of video based entertainment. As a child and teenager, I got my full dose of 8-10 hours of tv watching per day. But I ran into a problem when cable started offering 60-200 channels. Interestingly enough, I noticed this problem when I started paying the bills. The price of cable went up, up, up, and I was finding less and less that I wanted to watch on tv. The more channels there were, the less that I could find that interested me. Oh irony, my old friend. ...more

Oprah's OWN Kicks Off the New TV Year

Last weekend's launch of Oprah Winfrey's new cable TV network, OWN, was a milestone in TV history and Oprah history: a self-made, black woman starting her own television network using her personal life lessons as the guiding vision for all the programming. It's all Oprah, all the time, even when she's not actually in the show you're watching. Based on the few shows I've sampled, Oprah's off to a flying start. ...more

We are on the same system and have the same problem. I found OWN over the weekend on Comcast On ...more

Hulu Introduces Their New Pay Service, Hulu Plus

The money people have finally had their way with Hulu.com. Hulu Plus, a pay version of the free TV, video and movie website, has officially been launched, and it is available in beta version by invitation only. ...more

As I said in the post, Hulu is good and I'll usually check it out if I miss an episode of ...more

A Girl's Obsession: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Had I not moved into my apartment last summer, which came with a free flat-screen TV whose default cable supplier was Time Warner from whom a deal for the Showtime network was provided to me, I would have never been introduced to my latest obsession. That, of course, is Secret Diary of a Call Girl. ...more