Diet Chocolate Cake With Buttered on Frosting

This diet cake, while more expensive than your average chocolate cake, will last a life time and not add a single pound to your waistline.  A true bargain if you ask me :-) The creamy frosting is buttered on.  Looks good enough to eat.  On auction this week with no reserve.  To enter into my ebay gallery and possibly bid on this or another painting visit my ebay gallery.  Margaret Aycock ...more

Make Your Own Cake Mix in a Box

Mine ended up being cake mix in a freezer bag, but I digress. ...more

Orange cake with zesty cream cheese frosting

A delicious, aromatic and fluffy cake topped with a low fat cream cheese frosting. Healthy, sugar-free and gluten-free - it's the perfect treat without the calories!Find this recipe and other healthy desserts at: ...more

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake & Strawberry Ice Cream

Don’t blink friends or it will be the fourth of July! It’s funny how when the temps were freezing and we were deluged with snow I felt like the energy had been drained from me. Now that we are finally having warm to hot weather I kind of feel the same way. Except this time I’m not complaining! Anyway I want to share a dessert combo with you that fits in right with the upcoming holiday....more

To-Die-For S'mores Cheesecake

To-Die-For S’mores CheesecakemothersapronstringsSeriously. This. Is. Good. Stuff!...more

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake Spiced with Mexican Canela

I LOVE rhubarb in pies and cakes! I hope you enjoy it :)more

Vintage Home: Apple Cake

I recently had a chance to explore the Splenda web site and found this delicious Apple Cake recipe. I love anything with apples and had to try this. Look at how moist the cake turned out!! I was so impressed with how easy and delicious this recipe is! It's definitely going on my to-bake again list. Not only was it delicious, it is a better option for me and my family....more

Strawberry Icebox Cake

Last year I made a recipe you liked so much - Filipino Mango Float. It was so easy, yet so delicious, that I decided to change it a little bit and get a new spring/summer dessert – Strawberry Icebox Cake . Made with just 5 simple ingredients and no need to heat up your kitchen, it is so super simple that you can assemble it in a few minutes. Cream is whipped with condensed milk, layered with graham crackers and sliced fresh strawberries. Unsweetened condensed milk replaces part of the whipped cream and makes it lighter....more

Dreamy Cloud Cake ~ 5 ingredients/Just a few minutes

Cloud Cake – Dessert in just minutes!Get the recipe at:...more