A Whale of a Cake

This year for the Crawford Count Fair I entered my Whale of a Cake for the cake decoration and tasting competition.View Post...more

Fashion Inspired Ombre Buttercream Cupcake

 I wanted to design a ruffle cupcake that reflected the soft beauty of frilled designer dresses incorporating the delicate flow that mimics the fabric frills, flowers, and ruffles that are in the runway’s lovely dresses. Using fashion as inspiration in my decorating of cookies, cupcake and cakes is one of my favorite designing techniques.  For this tutorial I wanted to show you how easily you can incorporate your favorite ruffles with a... ...more

New Year’s Haute Couture Cookies

Nicolas Jebran’s designs are cutting edge yet classic; his dresses flow with movement. Sydney and I were looking at his Winter 2014 collection when we both were drawn to the same dress, although neither Sydney nor I can purchase the dress for New Year’s Eve we can create an inspired fashion fondant and royal icing cookie.Fashion inspired cakes and cookies have become popular for weddings and other special occasions. In......more

Colorado Christmas Cake Video

Creating a Colorado Christmas cake has been a pet project of mine for a while now, since last Christmas. Sydney and I designed the cake together, she constructed the filigree templates and the trees. It was an incredible experience working with Sydney for our first  project, since she arrived home. I will admit didn’t sleep much, however it was worth it. Watching the cake come to life as I added each tree, as... ...more

White Chocolate Cranberry Cake

The weather has been frigid here for the past week (6 degrees F/-15 degrees C), baking has become the best solution to keep warm, besides it is holiday baking time!  Monday I decided to bake  6  of our traditional white chocolate cranberry cakes. These loaf cakes are easy to make and great for  giving, either full size or mini. In fact King Arthur has  a set of 12 cute paper baking mini loaf pans, with a holiday bow and......more

French Cherry Macarons

During this day of thanks, Thanksgiving I wanted to take the time to show you my appreciation for your support and comments. I thought it would be deliciously perfect to share one of our favorite holiday French macaron recipes. ...more

Wet On Wet Royal Icing Poinsettia Tutorial

I wanted to share a quick royal icing technique, wet on wet. Wet on wet  is a method of using a royal icing constancy of 10-12 seconds to top outline, coat, and decorate your cookies  in a few minutes. For the poinsettia cookie above it literally took me 3.5 minutes to outline, cover, and decorate. Once the wet on wet method was finished I allowed the sugar cookie to dry for about 2 hours, piped a snails trail boarded, and  allowed the......more


 was asked by a friend if I could bake him a batch of gluten free sugar cookies. I have baked several pastries in the past that were gluten free (mostly bread and pastries), but I realized I had never tried to bake a batch of gluten free sugar cookies. I realized their must be a plethora of children who are unable to have gluten in their diet and would love to be able to receive decorated sugar cookies. I felt compelled to be able to devise a well decorated......more

Poinsettia Brush Embroidery Sugar Cookie Card

I wanted to compose a unique Christmas video tutorial to start the holidays off with you. Sugar  cookie christmas cards seemed to “fit the bill.” Who wouldn’t want a sugar cookie card? It is edible, personally designed for a special person in your life. This past Valentine’s Day I created sugar cookie cards tutorial, it was amazing to see each recipient’s eyes dance as they opened the gift box with the sugar cookie card... ...more