DIY Snowman Cake Tutorial

With the holiday season approaching (quite fast) I thought it might be fun to share a tutorial on a sugar snowman cake. I was inspired by Alan Dunn’s  Christmas Cakes (a perfect gift for any cake enthusiast). I knew the cake would be a fun project, but I must admit I was caught off guard at the amount of excitement that came over me as I began bringing the cake to life. I found myself giggling like a first grader as he become more real. I wish......more

Medusa Hand Painted Sugar Cookie

Wicked Red Fondant High Heel Shoe

Elegant Sugar Paste Summer Spray

With Sydney’s 21 birthday a little more than one month away, I am still trying to create the perfect spray for her cake. Sydney saw a similar spray in Alan Dunn’s Creative Cakes when she was home for spring break. Sydney loves orchids; there are five Spathoglottis orchids  (better know as ground Asian orchids in the Elegant Summer Spray). The rest of sugar paste... ...more

Bunny Basket Key Lime Cake


Haute-Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Cake Inspiration

Exciting and eloquent fashions from Stephane Rolland’s Spring/Summer Haute Couture Collection during Paris Fashion Spring Week, 2013-14. The collection is immediately recognizable as Stephane Rolland designs. The angular shapes, strong emphasis on curves, and floral designs. His use of “new techniques, mineral effects; specifically a silicone  gel like material to make the models look like a living walking... ...more

Sugar Paste Full Blown Rose Spray!

Sydney has been asking me if we could create a sugarpaste full blown rose spray for a cake for sometime now. I figured with Roses being June’s flower now would be perfect. I based the roses for this cake after the Glowing Peace Rose, named after its grandparent Peace, the world’s most renowned rose. The Glowing Peace combines timeless beauty with a modern touch. Large, round buds open to reveal full, 3 inch blooms featuring 26 to 42 golden... ...more

How to Create Sugar Paste Pansy