Flamboyant Mayflower Petal Cake

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Purple Perfection Peony

Fabric Fondant Billow Weave

I posted  a few days ago Sydney will be turning 21, and I am creating a few different cakes for her to choose from for her party. This is the first cake for her to view. This cake is a billow weave, Susan Trianos has a wonderful video explaining how she creates a wonderful tufted billow weave cake. The first time I saw the billow weave I thought of Sydney, between her love of fashion and fondant cakes, I knew she would adore the fabric fondant cake....more

Sugar Paste Rose

How to make a simple camera cake

I took a camera class recently, and of course everyone started joking that I should bring a cake to the last class. So I did a quick camera cake to amuse myself. This is not a detailed cake, it took me exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes to make. There was no reason to spend a ton of time on it since it was kind of a joke, and I was just doing it for fun. Sometimes you can make a cake that isn't totally accurate and it's just fine! ...more

“In your Easter Bonnet with all The Frills Upon it”

I have had a love for Judy Garland since I was a little girl; my father introduced me to The Wizard of Oz when I was two. From that moment on, I watched every Judy Garland movie I could find. I still can recall the first time I saw Judy Garland and Fred Astaire dancing and singing to classics like “We’re a Couple Swells”, “Drum Crazy”, and of course “Easter Parade”. I introduced Sydney to Judy Garland and......more

Sweet Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Tuesday's Treats: Babies, Grandmas...cakes & life...

Tuesday Treats, an introduction...I love sharing pictures of my latest cake projects.  I guess I am very proud of even the smallest achievements when it comes to learning curves.  Being self taught and overcoming layers of self doubt over the years probably has alot to do with it! :D...more

Here we go..Truly Scrumptious :) xx

Here we go again..Blog envy..While nursing a vile fluey winter bug for nearly a week ive been overdosing on click flicks and soppy romcoms..The film Julie and Julia grabbed my attention the most..although Gerard Butler is pretty special :) ...more

A Starry Night Wedding Cake

I love Starry Night cakes...They all have something different about them, but since they're all based on the painting it's fun to see how different people interpret it.  ...more
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