Ombre-Shade Brush Embroidery

 Brush embroidery is a form of cake decorating. This technique is particularly popular with wedding cakes, cupcakes and cookies. You may transfer the pattern with a stylist  and transfer it to the prepare cookie or cake; or you can create the design free hand.  In either case, this is a decorating technique that requires practice. Although brush embroidery is quite forgiving you do need to understand royal icing... ...more

Create Sugar and Brush Embroidery Peony Cupcakes

So many of you have asked if it was possible to create a sugar peony for a cupcake. I thought why not… As I have proclaimed in the past, cake decorating is not limited to cakes; you can use the same method for your cookie art and cupcake art. I designed three separate peonies methods for these cupcakes and just for fun I flavored them with edible dried peony petals . The peony cupcake in the front contains individual petals that I... ...more