Pumpkins and Halloween Treats

So this weekend has been a very busy one for me. Val and I went with some friends to the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark on Saturday to pick pumpkins. If you have never had the opportunity to visit Underwood's, then know that it is a real working farm with events held there throughout the year. I know what you're thinking. There are farms in Southern California? Yeah, I know, it's a very rare occurrence....more

Enemy, Thine Name is Cake Pops

Cake Pops.  Peaking in popularity, they are everything a girl with a sugar habit could ever want: cute, tiny, delicious balls of sugar and cuteness.They are my enemy.  Cake Pops....more
I have vowed to give up anything that requires the use of melted chocolate candy. ANYTHING! ...more

a piece of cake ... pops

Okay, So I thought I'd be writing about 'green' st...more

Charity and Cake Pops

I have always loved giving.  I think I come by it naturally as my grandmother and mother are both natural givers.  My diabetic grandmother baked the most beautiful cakes, pies, cookies, candies just to give them all way!  My mom is not a baker but she is a vegetable and fruit canner and meal preparer that feeds anyone that might need a meal.  It's no wonder I too, am a giver and being a giver makes my heart smile....more

Cake Pops

Today is National Lollipop Day. But rather than focus on the standard lollipops we all remember as the cause of multiple cavities as children, I want us to take a look at this new and improbable craze that has swept our fair nation: cake pops. Now cake pops are not something I can get behind whole-heartedly. After all they are ONLY ONE BITE OF CAKE! Seriously, one....more
Cake pops are more like a single cupcake, complete with icing, that you would crumble ...more

Cake Pops Have Consumed Me

It's no secret.  For the past eighteen months, the art of baking, chocolate melting, lollipop sticks, sprinkles, colored sugars, and shaping cake has consumed me.  My quest has been to get that tiny ball of cake shaped into a position that resembles...well...something recognizable!...more

Day 3 - Punky Dough Mother's Day Special!

Pregnancy: Week 20, Day 3 Weight: 124.2lbs   Breakfast: Starbucks Oatmeal with Stevia and a few Raisins, Tall Steamed Non Fat Milk    ...more

Macadamia cherry chocolate vegan cake pops

Macadamia cherry chocolate vegan cake popsRecipe at (Don't Be) Too Timid and Squeamish--link...more

A Cake Pop Tutorial

 This post is a follow up to the letter I wrote to Starbucks a few weeks ago. I finally managed to snag one of the Starbucks cake pops (they hide them behind the counter, BTW) and they were pretty good. I mean, they were fine. Whatever. It got me thinking: There's no reason that I can't recreate a little cake pop magic in my own home. ...more
nice job of explaining the pops!more