Chocolate Cake

No matter what the season, amirite?  Dress up your cake with fun sweet things, like your favourite chocolate bars or confections. For this recipe, you can easily mix by hand too. If you don't prefer espresso coffee, switch it up to brewed coffee and adjust the recipe to 1/2 cup coffee and 1/2 cup milk instead. For the frosting, I used chocolate ganache,  that is rich and decadent.Happy Baking! Cheers!...more

Carrot Cake

Find recipe here:

Dr Pepper Chocolate Cake

I am a big fan of chocolate.  I am also a big fan of the soft drink Dr....more
I hope you and your mother enjoy the cake!more

Grandmom's Chocolate Cake

My grandmother knew a little somethin' about pizzazz: she always added something extra to things, a special topper on a package, a pretty brooch to a jacket, a secret ingredient to a recipe....more
@victorias_view I have lots of grandmother recipes, but not one for cake! I love this particular ...more

grapefruit honey yogurt cake

Don't run away screaming from the title - this cake is so delicious and different. I have about 47 grapefruits in my kitchen right now and wanted to figure out an interesting way to use them, so I baked a grapefruit cake. It really is the best solution for an abundance of fruit in your house. I mean, forget about just eating it plain to get full nutritional value or beating it up in a blender to make smoothies. Add flour, sugar, eggs and bake this cake. ...more

Cake Recipes

Cake recipes are wonderful testaments to the generations of bakers before us. Most cake recipes have been handed down from great-grandmothers to grandmothers to mothers, and passed between friends and family. Our collection of cake recipes are the favorites, the ones that are baked for special occasions and birthdays or when a perfect rich treat is needed to end a great meal. From rich and delicious chocolate cake to spice laden carrot cake, you'll find your favorite here. ...more