Yellow Cake

Yellow Cake Ingredients ¾ cup butter3 eggs2½ cups all-purpose flour2½ teaspoons baking powder½ teaspoon salt1¾ cups sugar1½ teaspoons vanilla1¼ cups milk Method...more

A Tribute to my Grandparent's Sunday Dinner Tradition

Sunday Dinner a cherished Family Tradition As long as I can remember my family celebrated Sundays together feasting on delightful homemade food and baked goods. My grandparents immigrated to American from Italy leaving their family behind. No other members of their family left the mountains of Abruzzi to come here to start a new life. Having just each other as soon as they started to have a family they began their Sunday tradition of bountiful family dinners. My grandmother started cooking early in the morning before the family left for church....more

8 High-Protein Substitutes For Carbs (Even Flour)

I am hungry -- and BORED of chicken, tuna, etc. Sometimes you just want comforting food, y’know? Something warm and chewy to really bite into and make you feel satiated. Well, never fear my fab friends, because there ARE changes you can make to increase the protein to carb ratio of your meals without losing taste. Like…. Yogurt: use where the recipe calls for sour cream or cheese. Eggs/Egg whites: use as the moisture aka “glue” for dishes you want to be batter based but don’t want to add flour to. ...more

Coffee Cake

This is another recipe that was passed down to us from Jason's mom. I have been looking for a reason to make this cake until finally I realized who really needs a reason for making this wonderful decadent sweetbread. Everyone is entitled to a nice little breakfast treat every now and then....more

Super Bowl Food

Sunday is the big game, and you have no idea what to serve for the Super Bowl gathering that you decided to throw at the last minute.  Do not stress; Super Bowl food is the most crowd pleasing and easiest menu you can whip together.  I have provided our list of must have munchies for game time....more

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

Now at Your Cake and Eat Veggies, Too Déjà vu, flashbacks of Mother saying, "Eat your vegetables!" is harder to avoid these days thanks to Dr. Oz, Mrs. Obama and others. But why not have your cake and eat veggies too?...more