BlogHer Network Member News, Feb 4: Bloggie Nominations Edition

Eleven bloggers from the Publishing Network have been nominated for a 2011 Bloggie Congratulations to ......more

Single Serving Blogs That Serve Up the Laughs

"Single Serving" blogs are a special niche in the blogosphere. As the New York Times explained, they are "highly specific Web sites that serve a single (usually inconsequential) purpose." And usually? They're funny. Really funny. Tears-rolling-down-your-cheeks as you try to explain what you just read but no one can understand you because you're laughing too hard funny. I'm sure some aren't funny, but the best ones are hilarious. ...more
You hit about all my favorites! I also like Stuff White People Like, which isn't laugh out ...more

Cake Wrecks the Book: Interview with Jen Yates

Nearly every day, Jen Yates' blog Cake Wrecks makes me laugh really, really, really hard. Her parade of pastry preposterousness is spit-take entertaining -- but the frosting, if you will, is Jen's well-written, playful commentary. ...more

I was there when it happened! its a tuxedo truffle mousse cake with a choclate dipped ...more