Sweet Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Christmas 2013 Plum cakes

Wish You every one a 'Merry Christmas' and prosperous NEW YEAR ! ...more

Homemade pancakes with apples

How to get that perfect picure of food you made.

I think that is almost always the case. There are things that play into it though, background ...more

Wedding Cookie Cakes

Cookies or cakes?How about both?An adorable wedding favour inspired by Martha Stewart; DIY yes, but preferably DIWF (Do It With Family), as there are a lot of cookies to put together for this project. ...more

Kalács-kosár húsvétra.

2 dllangyos tej3 evőkanál cukor1 tk só50 gpuha vaj2 tojás sárga100 gjoghurt60 dkg liszt2 dkg élesztő+ 1 tojás a kenéshez...more

Kalács állatkert. Cake zoo

The family pets....more

Making Chinese Moon Cakes with “A Tiger in the Kitchen”

Monday, September 12 marks the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, a celebration of the harvest for Chinese around the world, as well as many other Asian cultures. It's a holiday rooted in folklore and history, but for many Chinese Americans, it's all about the moon cakes. In my experience, these dense, sweet pastries come from a tin or a Chinese bakery. I don’t know any Chinese Americans who make them from scratch anymore—they are intricate, labor intensive, and who has the time?...more
This is a great story and I love the picture. So pretty! I am interested in trying these ...more

Birthday Cake in a Jar

I'm really excited about this recipe because the possibilities are endless!  These little individual jars would be cute decorated and given as birthday gifts or when someone has been sick.  They would be great for Christmas homemade gifts, school parties (when homemade goodies are allowed) and even fundraisers. ...more

Yes it sure would! And, I forgot to mention, but think how cute red, white and blue would be? ...more

Mocha Cupcakes