My Grandmother Shrunk

I remember when I noticed that my grandmother was shrinking. This tall, imposing figure from my childhood, who never baked a cookie in her life, and kept her brood grandchildren in line, with one raised eyebrow and a look that said, "You're not measuring up to my impossibly high standards."  How did she go from 5' 7" to 5' 1" ?  ...more

Why Calcium is So Important in a Baby's First Year

Did you know that a human baby's bone mass increases by a whopping 300% in the first year of life?  Really!  Babies are absorbing and using calcium at a great rate. They are building bone mass at an incredible rate, as they build upon the cartilage and early bone that is present at birth.  And, what is even more amazing is that there is never another time in a person's life where there is so much bone being built....more

Women Move The World

I recently attended an event where Dana Delany spoke.  She was inspiring, passionate and is a strong advocate for women's health....more