More resources for my Italian library

I've made a few more additions to my growing library of Italian resources: ...more

New Year - New Calendar

 Printable Calendar by Who else loves starting the new year off with a brand new shiny calendar?...more

Giveaway: North American Native Bee Calendar (Better late than Never!)

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Just cleaned off my desk and found three North American native Bee Calendars (retail value $14.95). January may be almost gone but these shiny new calendars have great photos and lots of useful info about all things bee-ish. And besides there are still 11 more months to go...and they're free! see for more details....more

Nonprofit Paper Calendars for 2010

I know more and more people are using calendars on their computers and cell phones, but I like paper calendars. There is something about writing things down by hand with different colored pens that I still love.If you haven't purchased your 2010 calendar yet (or are looking for a last minute holiday gift), lots of nonprofits publish calendars....more

Five Ideas for Making Quick Advent Calendars Right Now

With the first weekend post-Thanksgiving quickly approaching, will you be pulling out your crafting supplies and making some fresh new holiday decorations? This year, it appears that one of the most popular items to craft is a fresh and charming Advent Calendar. ...more

I have a kit that my Mom bought before she died to make up for my son's Advent Calendar but ...more

Balance Hacks for the Control-Freak Perfectionist

Balance can be extremely difficult to achieve especially if you are a control-freak perfectionist.  Unless of course, you choose balance itself to master.  Over the years, I have strived to "have it all", from work, to personal life, and finally family.  Once the kids came however, everything was thrown out the window.  Now that my oldest child is nearly nine years old, I have finally found a sense of balance in most areas of my life, although it sometimes comes crashing down like a house of cards.  Here are some of my tips to help achieve balance. ...more

A couple of other tips that work well -- having a whiteboard in a prominent place. We write ...more

Organizing Your To-Do List

Overwhelmed by all you need to do? Write it down! Make a list of everything you need to do. Next, assign a day to each task. Those things that are most important and urgent should be assigned to an earlier day. Beside those items you will do on Monday, write an M. Put a T beside the things you will do on Tuesday, and so on. Then, look at the items you have on your list for today. Prioritize them by putting a 1 beside the most important and urgent item on the list, 2 on the next, etc. ...more

Mark your calendar: Playful holidays abound in 2009!

Did you know there are lots of playful, child- and service-focused holidays to celebrate throughout 2009? Here's a short list - tell us in the comments how you plan to celebrate! ...more

Choosing a Family Calendar

Toss out the wrapping paper and let's get to work--it will be 2009 in exactly 6 days. Do you have a calendar yet? I do. It's a bit of an obsession, actually, one that has befuddled those around me. I'm generally a plugged-in, on-line kind of girl, but when it comes to calendars, I cannot bring myself to go electronic. I have tried PDAs--more than once--but to no avail. I need my paper calendar to manage my life, and I live by it. ...more

I like the fly lady calendar for my doesn't have pics but it has big squares or ...more