Feast or Famine

I’ve never understood why my calendar is such a mess.  Physically it’s a cute calendar, all hot pink and black (my favorite colors).  I’m talking about the schedule of things that fill my calendar.  It’s either feast or famine with my obligations and social events, with too much to do or nothing at all.  At least that’s the way it seems....more
Ugh, I hate being overbooked too!   Mostly though, your post made me laugh, and realize that I'm ...more

What Day is It Again? (Or, Why I Need a Calendar)

The first thing I heard this morning was my daughter's voice very close to my ear. "I slept all day, mommy!"It was 6am. Hardly sleeping all day but I'll take it. At least it wasn't 4am and she was in a good mood. A little while later I had a few minutes in front of the computer and thought I'd do a quick blog post and check it off my list of things to do today. I uploaded the chosen picture for Wordless Wednesday and hit publish. I was pumped. I thought I was off to a good start. It's going to be a productive day, right?  ...more

American Ramdan Day Four: Calendars and Sacrifice

So I made it through yesterday, barely. And I only have 25 more days to go. At least I thought I did. Another calendar I picked up at the store showed 30 days not the 29 days that I am observing. ...more

Promotional Calendar Ideas

If you’re like me, I have this need to make my work space my own. I keep it light. Nothing too serious. No wall of photos or fuzzy dice – yet. But I do have a few things that make my desk and office personal to me. One of those pieces of the “me” puzzle is my choice in items I keep in plain sight: my coffee mug, my pictures, my “thank you” cards, and my calendar are a few things that really set my desk apart. ...more

CultureSpeak: "Terror Planner"

Cultural Context:  The term used to headline the 2009 counterterrorism desktop planner released by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) this week.  The weekly calendar format highlights wanted terrorists, terrorist incidents and terror organizations and is a perenial favorite resource for law enforcement personnel. ...more

Another Year in Parenting

I'm changing calendars tomorrow. Replacing the tattered 2007 one with a shiny 2008 one. There's lots of white space waiting to be filled by kids activities, birthdays, parties - there's already a bridal shower in January waiting to be pencilled in. I've taken to saving the old calendars. Maybe I don't like the idea of tossing out the old year - too dismissive. So I keep them in a drawer, one year on top of the previous one. There are ten years piled into a three-inch stack of faded cardstock and twisted wire binding - a lot of living compressed in those three inches. ...more

Holiday Book Ideas

Every year my friends ask me the same question. What do I get my kid's teachers for the holidays? Holiday themed gifts It's important to remember that not all teachers celebrate the same holidays that your family might celebrate. I have teacher friends who don't celebrate Christmas, but they might put snowmen in their class for the children. They will often get candy, or decorations that they simply put in the trash later. Gifts that are holiday themed are generally not a good idea unless you know the teacher celebrates. Baked Goods ...more

One of the BEST gifts I ever got from a student was an 8 dollar border holder from a teacher ...more