I Don't Need to Be Reminded

Friday night.  Just chillin’.  I just made a fresh batch of guacamole, I’m flipping through blogs and a song in Japanese wafts through my headphones from my Spotify feed.  I don’t understand a thing the singer is telling me, but her plaintive voice is lovely and the horns, bells, flute and strings backing her up send me into a state of relaxation that seems perfect for the end of a busy week....more

Deal of the Century

SAN JOSÉMy sister has owned her home for several years (well, the bank owns it, but she thinks she owns it because she pays a mortgage), but this was my first visit.  She moves around so much that I have been to a number of her residences, and even lived in one for a while....more

Local San Diego Review: Torrey Pines State Reserve

Located between La Jolla and Del Mar, Torrey Pines State Reserve is a fun coastal hiking, running or biking playground. The hiking is pretty easy, but it's also fun and comes with spectacular views up and down the San Diego coastline....more

Biking through Santa Barbara's wine country in style. A luxury cycling tale.

There you are. Surrounded by hills of verdant green, impossible blue sky above. There is no one on the road but you, that sky and your bicyle, slowly climbing towards the top of the winding hill and views of the glistening Pacific Ocean below. Heaven....more

Saved by Hummus

While visiting my parents in California’s verdant Central Valley this past weekend, my mother griped about the fact that each of her three children have strange dietary habits and that I, in particular, am difficult to feed....more

Van Cleef & Arpels California Rêverie (2014): Smelling California in Dream {New Perfume}

Van Cleef and Arpels will launch a new perfume in the Collection Extraordinaire series called California Rêverie N° 15485HG, which is inspired by the eponymous jewelry collection, but also by a dreamt smelloscape of California......more

A Tale of Two Houses

Garden Bloggers Fling 2013: We arrive at Filloli in Woodside, CA on the hottest day of the year. Stumbling from our bus, we scatter, looking for shade. After a visit to the cafe, we decide we need to make the best of it ... and venture forth, determined to soldier on. A nice docent suggests the film room. Ah, it's dark and cool in the center of the building ... we watch the film. ...more