Why Counting Calories Won't Serve You

Calories.  You love them.  You hate them.You love consuming delicious and satisfying food, yet you loathe considering how much you consumed at the end of a day.  What if we said "good-bye" to this love/hate relationship and moved towards honoring our bodies and minds with the way we eat?If you consistently count the number of calories you eat daily, stop for a moment and ask yourself "why?"...more

A to Z Challenge: On Calories

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my body.Although it's always been a mostly"if you loved me, you'd love all of me"kind of attitude.   Then earlier this year my husband and I went to a conference...more

an apology

I'd like to take a moment to make a long overdue apology.To my body.Hey you,I know we've had a rough go, you and I. We've been through a lot together. And I've got some things to say to you...We've made countless trips to the book store, you and I, looking for new diets and secrets on weight loss. And if that wasn't enough, we went through countless web searches looking for "quick" and "easy" hints to attain this magic goal weight.I am sorry....more
@agentsully Thank you so much for reading and your comments! I appreciate them :) I'll be sure ...more

Don't Eat Me

Fitness fanatics are self righteous assholes! Seriously! I don't mean the people who go to the gym and work out and keep in shape. I mean the people who get involved with legislation and persuade the government to implement these cockamamie rules and laws for dining. I would like to take my fork and poke it into their asses! Ok, so I would say I'm "average" when it comes to eating and fitness. In my former life when I worked full time but didn't have kids, I went to the gym several times a week. I didn't necessarily eat well at all times but I wasn't a pig either....more

Calorie Counting and How It Worked For Me

As of about ten years ago, I've tried to eat healthy.  I was not strict with it by any means, but I became more aware of the food I ate.  But, if you read my previous post on how I started running and exercising, you'll learn that just 'eating healthy' did not keep me 'healthy' so to speak, much less, keep the weight off....more

Oprah Says So....

So I'm checking emails the other day and in my Oprah newsletter, I see where they've done a comparison of popular diet and weight loss plans. I checked it out and it turns out that a combination of low-carb dieting plus exercise is the true path to weight loss and better physical health. As a South Beach vet, I know all about low-carb dieting. But after the first 2 weeks, I began to gain back the 11 pounds I had initially lost, so I am not all that convinced. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't do a lick of exercise, that could have been the problem. ...more

I had the pleasure of hearing Arthur Agatson, author of the South Beach Diet, speak last ...more

Lose Weight with Web 2.0

It's 2009 and you've made a couple of New Year's resolutions. And if you're like most "resolutioners" - your number one resolution is to lose weight (myself included :) ). Great — so what social media tools or communities are out there that can help us meet this goal? Meet TheDailyPlate.com ...more

weight loss update


Should I Really Be Eating This?

Seems like every day since Thanksgiving, I have had second thoughts about what I put in my mouth. Blame it on too many tempting foods--and all within easy reach.  Too many homemade sweets. Too many large dinners. Too many snacks and lattes consumed while on the road. ...more

Start saying "No" to empty calories... like soda

Are you addicted to soda? I'm not, but I know many people who are. I know one person who can only get through work if she has a 2-liter bottle of cola on her desk. That's a lot of empty calories. My advice...take it slow. If you're addicted to "x" number of sodas a day, try to reduce that number slowly. Especially, if they are caffeinated sodas. Caffeine and sugar are both addicting, and stopping cold turkey will most likely result in headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. But gradually reducing your intake, will increase your chances of success. ...more
I'm a soda drinker!  But you're absolutely right, there's not much sense in it especially if ...more