Middle Ground Women

Have you heard of middle ground women?Every so often someone from the fashion and beauty industry makes“groundbreaking history” and features a non-traditional model in their ads and campaigns. We’re all supposed to feel quite impressed by their willingness to reach out their hand to “real women”. Brava....more

Dear Calvin & Friends: We need to talk!

Dear Calvin Klein,I have the utmost respect for your work and your brand, but somewhere along the way you got it wrong.I recently tried on 5 pairs of pants, including one from the CK brand.  The other four fit perfectly, however the CK two sizes bigger was still too small.Last summer I tried on a terrific dress, but there was no room for my chest no matter the size....more

How to Buy a Winter Coat

January is the best time to shop for a winter coat; sales abound and you can get a great deal. Shop smart and you'll come home with a coat you will wear for years....more

PLAY STYLE - Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent * Falls * Calvin Klein * Kenneth Jay Lane

Get This Look:Twelfth St. Ruffle Front Strapless Dress Falls Peacock Cable 3/4 Sleeve Coat Calvin Klein Collection Sophie Pump Kenneth Jay Lane Multi Strand Twist Necklace Find out how to get this look and more on Style Wrap...more

It's a party! Put a coat on!

December is holiday party season -- time to choose the perfect outfit for all those open houses and office parties and lunches with friends you haven't seen since last year. And after you've chosen that perfect outfit, with cute shoes and great jewelry and a REALLY fabulous bag, you throw on any old coat and head out. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's back up. ...more

I spent a looooong time yesterday looking for great winter-appropriate party dresses. And ...more