On the Road to Election Day, Part X: Sisters in Arms

Being a local candidate presents many unique challenges. ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part IX: Support means never having to hear, "Fold my socks!"

Show me your support!I'll support you in anyway I can.How can I support you?You never support me.Can I please have your support?I hope I can count on your support....more

And are in sync.  Enviable indeed, and to have that from the get-go? Even more so.  ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part VIII: Dissent is easy compared to getting things done-long live Olympia Snowe

On the day after President Obama was inaugurated, BlogHer.com Contributing Editor Dana Loesch posted this blog entry titled, "So is dissent still the highest form of patriotism?"  The post invites discussion on that question, and concludes with this: ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part VI: Prepare to be HATED

What happens when you love the idea of listening to people's complaints and working with others to solve them, but you don't get to interview for that job? Instead, you have to convince several thousand people that they should trust that you will listen to them and have a good enough brain to come up with and implement solutions.  And then, that persuasion effort involves walking up to strangers, extending your hand and possibly being told that you are hated just because you want to work in government. Would you still go after that job? ...more

Read this article that reinforces what my friend meant ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part V: It takes a village, and yet it's still lonely

One of the most common questions I get right now is, "How's the campaign going!?"  People really seem to want to know.  And I'm thrilled that people 1) know that I'm running for city council and 2) are fascinated by the fact that I'm running for office.  I'm not always sure if that's a compliment or a curiosity, but hey - I'll take the attention about my candidacy anyway it comes. ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part III: How much do we have to put up with?

No candidate for political office should have to put up with any test of his or her mettle beyond what is demanded by the role of occupying that job and serving the public.  And yet, time and again - the current time as good as any - we read about, hear about or witness examples of just how incredibly harsh the light can be shined on someone seeking public office.  This Women's Media Center video called, Sexism Sells But We're Not Buying It, is a classic that everyone, man or w ...more

Editors of Femisex.com

The ugly, nonpartisan truth is that corporate ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part II: The Ricochet Dance

I am a total sucker for any book, story, article or exposé that shows us "how they do it all."  Not because I think I will learn something, though I often do, but more because I want to see that my ricocheting lifestyle of careening from one duty to the next isn't so unique (it isn't, right?!).  I take comfort in seeing other adults  in action doing the ricochet, too. ...more

I've often thought that the perfection/do it all-all at once construct was something devised ...more

On the Road to Election Day, Part I: Reframing the concept of "activism"

Forget everything you know about or have heard about the word "activist" and just think about any time you've taken any step whatsoever to procure a desired outcome.  Any single thing at all - a customer service issue, an environmental issue, a parent-teacher situation, a job negotiation, a roommate problem, maybe when you were a child, it was convincing someone to let you stay up late or have another cookie.  ...more

Are you running and where? Evil grin!

I'm really good at giving unsolicited advice but ...more

Political Makeovers for Women!

Women love makeovers. We can't help it. Even the most serious-minded of us like a little change now and then. Who doesn't crave a new lip gloss or yearn for an updated hair style from time to time? (Excuse me for a moment, I hear the Bobbi Brown counter calling my name!) The same thing goes for politics. And ladies, it's more than time to give our country a political makeover! ...more

Congratulations to the other women running for office - it's amazing how daunting it can be ...more