Camping is Not Fun. Her is What You Can Do.

Day 7 NaBloPoMo: What is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love? No offense to anyone, but I don't like camping....more
LindaCSmith Thanks for your comment, Linda. You added a much more important point that I ...more

Easy Potato, Bean and Sausage Skillet

My husband and I went camping a couple months ago, and since food is always a big part of any vacation, I wanted to make sure that we had some tasty dinners planned. We only have a tent though, not a big fancy trailer with a gourmet kitchen, so I knew that any recipe I picked needed to be easy to prepare. ...more

Camping With A Baby

Kyle and I don't know much about this whole parenting gig, but we do know that babies are people. "People" don't like to be confined (ie. prison.) I don't know if we are crazy or just really simple minded, but where we go, the kid goes too....more

Camping with Kids

{All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone. You can expect "real" photos and some videos in the upcoming days. As soon as I recover from our "relaxing" weekend.}...more

20 Rules for Camping With a Baby

We have one of those giant family-sized LL Bean camping tents. Unpacking it and getting the poles into the right pockets in order to set the thing up is about as frustrating as putting up Christmas lights. But once assembled, we attain an instant camping adventure right there in the backyard. ...more
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When Camping

Ignore the cold (HA) by taking a long walk through the colored palates of the season, and ignore the whine of children who stayed up late eating too many s'mores and "HATE" sleeping bags (unless they are in yours with you).Find a quiet spot and get LOUD with giggles- despite yourself.Continue reading post...more

Camping With a 7 Month Old

Camping, Really?Every year my extended family and parents go camping over Labor Day.  They have gone since before I was born.  I have only missed one year, the year I was born.  So last year, when I was four months pregnant, my husband asked if we were going to go camping in 2013.  I did not think we would be able to.  It sounded like a lot of work.  It also sounded tiring, and being four months, pregnant tired did not sound fun.  I figured we would wait until she was at least a year old before traveling....more

Everything You Need for Camping with Little Kids

Earlier this summer we joined The Hansons, for our first camping trip with the kids. We had a truly excellent time. Preparing was a lot of work-- as is preparing for anything with babies in tow -- but it was completely worth it. Before I post photos from our (one night) trip, I thought I’d share a bit about what we packed, what we forgot, and what we used. The ages of our kids are: Eleanor, 6 months; Clio, 2 years; Sam, 2.5 years. Here are the essentials: ...more
@Jenni Bost Well...we broke that rule for this camping trip. There weren't many toys, but the ...more

What Makes a Family