Naughty George does his stuff....... as always

I was just filing the pics from my camping holiday, when I noticed a picture of Naughty George in the melee. It was a picture of him sitting atop a cliff looking all innocent as though butter wouldn't melt in his snout. On his face he had that placid expression that he generally adopts to lull would-be petters into a false sense of security. ...more

Part 2 of my Heathen Holiday

Blimey. Amongst all the excitement of the caption competition, I nearly forgot to do the post on the second part of my camping trip. How could I forget that? Living like a badger, virtually grubbing around for insects and foraging for fruit and nuts. Well ok, it wasn't quite that bad. There was a stove in the tent so that we could cook bacon sandwiches, but I still had to eat them in the open air like a squirrel, with the wind blowing mud onto them and wasps attacking me.... and then I would have to jump around trying to swat them, looking like a mentalist to boot....more

Part 1 of my Heathen Holiday

'So, where the bloody hell are the snaps from your camping holiday?' I hear you cry. Yeh, yeh. I am behind and it is all my fault. For some bizarre reason, I decided to take a hundred million pictures of absolutely everything I encountered whilst on holiday, and have had to spend the last couple of days trying to whittle them down to a select few. I basically worked on the premise that the pictures with me in were great, and the scenery ones were boring. ...more

Caption competition - come and have a go!

Can you believe it? The novelty of being home after a week of camping still hasn't worn off. And a source of particular joy for me today was my shower. ...more

I survived camping!

Hurray! I'm back. After surviving four days of living in abject poverty, I can now say that I have 'done' camping. I won't go into the details now because I am totally exhausted, but suffice to say I got so close to nature that a ladybird plopped on my hand. And the plop was yellow in case you were thinking I was faking it. ...more

Beauty has been Here All Along

This weekend I kicked off the damn boots and allowed myself to enjoy the beauty around me. Beauty was right in front of my face. In fact, it’s been here all along.We went camping on Friday night. An event I would typically avoid with many excuses ready to go. I don’t sleep well when I camp.I’m too tired after a long work week.Parker will get up too early.It’s not worth the trouble to get everything ready for one night.I have things to do.What if I have to poop?And so on and so on....more

I'm not a Badger

"Why the bloody hell did I agree to that?" I asked myself, following it up with a self-flagellating bonk on the head with a serving spoon as punishment (I was in the kitchen and had been trying to swat a persistent wasp with the spoon before I turned it on myself).  "Agree to what?" I hear you cry (inquisitively). "To go camping, that's what." Yep, you read right. C.A.M.P.I.N.G......... Me. Lady M. Proponent of all things luxurious and all things stuffed with duck down. ...more

Conscious Camping - Revisited

So last summer I wrote about Conscious Camping, health and eco tips so that you can get the most out of your adventure without getting sick or leaving a ginormo carbon footprint. Be sure to check out that post for additional info after you’ve gone through this summer’s checklist ; ) I thought since I covered a fair amount of healthy and eco tips, this time around I’d mention some great products to use on your next outdoor adventure as well as ways to keep it cheap! So here we go!: Goodies ...more

Best Scary Story I've Heard Around a Campfire

"White Eyes"-I didn’t write it nor do I know where it came from- maybe it really is a true story and came from the pages of my history book. I’ve heard a lot of scary stories when I’ve been camping but this is the only story that made me scream- I hope you scream too.  ...more

Seashore Learning

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. (Yes, pictures like this one and that one are from that bee-u-ti-ful city.) But, in addition to my dear and loving family and friends there, it’s the ocean that holds my heart. San Diego’s ocean simply beckons one to interact. And not just on the seashore, but in the water.  ...more