Camping At 40 Below

They say you have to be a little crazy to live up here. They might just be right. This winter Travis and I had the brilliant idea to go camping. While you could probably argue it was not technically camping, I would think it counts because it was a wood stove heated, dry cabin, in the winter. We took an air mattress, cooking supplies, games, the first batch of home brewed beer, pretty much the normal camping stuff. We bought Roxi a new poofy red coat for the occasion in addition to her winter booties....more

First Time Camping Alone - What I've Learned

Last summer I spent a breathtaking weekend up in a Ponderosa Pine Forest at the Moraine Park in the Colorado Rockies, and discovered alternate usage of some of my backpack items which make me be anxious about going on a new camping trip even before I returned back home....more

Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback Thursday is inspired by yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. ...more

5 Tips For An Enjoyable Weekend

It's hard to believe that the final summer holiday is already here!...more

The Not-So Cuddly Brown Bear and the Breathe Right Strips

  I grew up in the country, and...more

Camping with kids. Don't be afraid.

I have a very clear memory of my first camping trip. Neither of my parents had any previous experience, but they packed their enthusiasm and our brand new family tent, and away we went. We found a campground just outside town and pitched our tent.Well, I guess we should go for a hike, my dad said. So we left for a trek, while my mom stayed behind to make dinner....more


So, we get down to Undisclosed and the house is not demolished yet. What a surprise we had to find that our sewer had been capped off. Hello, mcD’s.. We are here for breakfast, using free wi-fi and the facilities. It just goes to show you that you can’t appreciate something until it is gone. Yes, I know it’s not forever,but I miss my bathroom  ...more

Camping food

Everyone has a different take on camping food. For a while, I thought we should only cook over the fire. This was not popular with the chef, DH, so we bought a camp stove and grill. This made life a bit easier. Now, with the travel trailer, we can even microwave food if needed. The last post talked about necessities of what to pack. Now, I wanted to share a couple of recipes we use each time we camp.There is the foil packet dinner I shared awhile back here....more

Earthy Camping

  Tis the season to be camping.  I know in our area temperatures are reaching 110 and the only way to escape it is to retreat to the mountains or the coast.  Since rooms can be pricey on a whim try the next best thing "Camping"  I know that there are bugs and critters as well as toilets far to far away after your morning coffee.  But camping can still be enjoyable when you prepare properly and take into consideration that we don't ...more