Fall Camping List. Don't Forget the....

Are you an over-packer or an under-packer? Most of us fall into onto one end of the spectrum. But when camping it's best to fall somewhere in the middle. The whole point of camping is to experience going without, but if you fail to bring the necessities you'll end up being miserable.Check out my list: http://justmeandyoukid.com/fall-camping-supply-list/ ...more

My Never-Camp-Without Toiletry Essentials…and Not So Essentials

I was going to do a packing list of essentials to take camping, but instead, I thought it would be more fun to show you the contents of my own, always-packed toiletry go bag. Inside it i've got all the essentials, along with some admittedly, not so essential items!...more

NOT a Happy Camper


Camping In The FieldCandy Social Butterfly Tent

We were absolutely delighted to get our hands on a FieldCandy tent for our most recent camping trip. Hardcore campers tend to be a little suspicious of camping gear that looks a bit different, and lets be honest, camping isn’t an area renowned for having high design values – practical and functional is where it’s at....more

Small town ties

     My 18 yr old son just ran into his dead beat dad while making a pizza delivery to his house! They haven't seen ea. other in years! I feel so sorry for him. How awkward?! We were together for 10 yrs. Both our mom's kicked us out for dating ea. other. We slept in his car for awhile then we stayed in his Grandparents basement, but they didn't know I was there for almost 2 yrs. b/c he would sneak me in & out. My ex has an older son, who was a yr old when we started dating, & who I consider a son....more

Alone On The Trail: On Backpacking, Confidence, And Bears


Six Different Styles of Camping

Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? Communing with nature and creation in any climate situation?...more

A City Girl's Guide to Glamping It Up in the Woods

Before last summer, I wouldn't have considered myself a "camper."...more
Thanks for the comments, ladies! I replied to you individually on the actual post - I love ...more

thirstyGIRL Happy Camper Wine Review and Food Pairing

Happy Camper wine perfect for summer fun...more