Camp Andrew: A Backyard Summer Birthday Party

Each June for the past few years we have celebrated our sweet baby boy’s birthday. But suddenly with the big FOUR, he’s not a baby at all—not even a little bit. He's not a toddler. He’s suddenly such a big boy. He talks to us all the time, and he’s really interacting with us as his own little person. It’s crazy awesome. He has SO much personality, so many thoughts, emotions, questions, and is very opinionated (just like someone else I know...) He never ceases to amaze us. ...more
I love this idea! The cupcakes look divine! :-D more

A Camping We Will Go

Brainchild:  wouldn’t it be fun to go camping as a family for Father’s Day?  The whole weekend together, roughing it and showcasing my husband’s manly skills to his children!  With the weekend looming, I began to stage for the trip, pressing into service various offspring to fetch and carry tents, Coleman stove, food stuffs, bugspray, etc.  The mound in the living room grew quite large and seemed grander than when we packed for 10 day drive to Florida.  A spirit of adventure filled us and excitement was in the air....more

Mother/Daughter Camping Weekend at Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu, CA

I like camping.  I think it's one of the best family outdoor activities ever.  Piling kids in the car, cruising down the...more

Crazy Friends and Lessons on Living AFTER Being a Parent

"I told my kids the Zombie Apocalypse has started in Miami and we are awaiting confirmation from the government. This is what I have been preparing my kids for at the shooting range."I received this text message from my girlfriend I call "Crazy Sarah" yesterday.I call her that for reasons that are already obvious to you....more

Graham Cracker, You've Been Replaced

I have no issues with North America’s collective love affair with s’mores. In fact, I can overlook all the uncomfortable nuisance of sitting around a campfire just for the experience of toasting a perfectly golden molten marshmallow. I have skills, you know. What doesn’t get me excited is graham cracker. It is the weakest link in the s’mores trifecta, easily outshined by melting chocolate and gooey smoky marshmallow. It can barely fulfill its responsibility as delivery vehicle. Something needs to be done....more

Camped Out

Over the weekend, I went tent camping with my boys (ages 3.5 and 2), my mom, my sister, and 12 year old nephew.  My husband wasn't able to go on this trip but I'm so glad my mom and sister were there! I think it would have been impossible for me to do it without them!...more

Summer Fun Awaits!

Excavating toys from a block of iceThe unofficial beginning of summer is near!...more

Right around the corner…

I’m beginning to learn that some of the best adventures, the most memorable memories, are right around the corner....more

Camp Rules

We take our maiden pop-up camper voyage in a few days.  With two teenagers traveling on a road trip, I've decided to enact Camp Rules.  I know, rules and vacation don't exactly go together but I believe it will make everyone happier in the end.  At least it'll make Mom happy and you know the saying....Even though they're teenagers, we're going back to Kindergarten for lessons in how to behave.  And yes, even adults have to follow them.  My rules are simple - just remember your face. ...more