Camping: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Camping is one of those summer pass times which is the right of passage to growing up and teaching kids that the wilderness can be their playground whether it is a cool brisk jump in the lake, a long hike, or a quick climb up a tree in search of a squirrel hole. It is these little things which makes camping one of the many wonders of childhood. It keeps us youthful, forces us to disconnect from the wi-fi, and enjoy all of Mother Nature's gifts to the world. ...more
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On Camping

Camping is important, friends, if only to remind you that you can do things without electricity. That playing games by lamplight is a special kind of wonderful. That heating water on the stove for dishes results in the most amazing smell of Palmolive in the air. Coffee tastes better when sipped outside before the sun burns through the morning. There is peace to be found when you aren't checking your phone constantly for emails. ...more
Hi Victoria, I'm so glad that you take your kids camping. It's important! It's so much harder to ...more

Into the Wild

Camp Out

Apparently I'm a Bed Wetter

I don't recall having an issue with bed-wetting as a child.  My potty-training involved spankings and me sitting in the middle of the living room floor, staring directly at my parents on the sofa, and peeing.  Right there, on the floor.  In fact, I can actually remember that event.  I also remember I would hold it all day long.  Using the toilet was a nuisance, a hassle, time out of my precious care-free play time.  It made no sense to me why anyone bothered with toilets when they could just go in their pants and someone would come along and clean it up (admitt...more

Camping creates business.

The younger and I have now done two birthday cakes.  The first, a mini princess cake and 24 cupcakes, that were to be made the same weekend we were to go camping.  We totally pulled it off, but did miss out on a day of camping for it. ...more

Breakfast Burritos for a Crowd

Several years ago I would occasionally make breakfast burritos for the group of people that I supervised and serve them at our Wednesday morning meeting. My group members loved them, but as my group grew to 30 plus people I phased them out. Over the years a few of my group members would remind me how much they loved the breakfast burritos and they would sure like to have them again.  I supervise a new smaller group again and decided to surprise them with the burritos last Friday morning. This new group loves to eat, so they were thrilled to get them....more

Camping in The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

Two years ago, I went on my first camping trip around this time. I still remember the day we drove to Upnorth Michigan and camped at Brimley state park(my first blog post @ ). The nights were so cold and frankly, I felt its just not my type. Over the last two years, we visited and camped at few national and state parks. Each time, I realized camping is the best way to enjoy nature’s rugged beauty..I liked it even more!...more

Summer's Here! Time to Go Camping with Kids!

It was four years ago, shortly after I'd remarried, moved my kids to a new state, and we'd barely begun the process of blending together our new family. I remember it like it was yesterday: Why not take a quick camping trip? It would be an adventure! The kids would have a blast! Well, that may not have been the greatest recipe for success. ...more

My fiance and I are campers through and through, but as new parents we are starting to see the ...more