Resort living and family visiting

We’re at Sean’s family reunion this week. We got in around 3 Sunday afternoon and by 4 all 33 of us had arrived. Cousins greeted cousins, kids of the cousins tried to figure out how they were related, and I gained nine new nieces and nephews because we decided, “Aunt Christy” is easier to say than, “First Cousin Once Removed Christy.”...more

A Camping We Went...

The Cornbury Music Festival - Part 2

The first day of the Cornbury Music Festival dawned..... at 5.45am to be precise. After spending half the night awake, shivering from the cold, I was awoken by a fierce sun that bathed the inside of the tent with light. I groaned and buried my head in my sleeping bag in a desperate attempt to try and get some more sleep. ...more

Camping crosses cultures

Last night was not the most fun I've ever had camping.  The rain that pelted us up on the mountain slid down into camp and stayed around....more

Blogging in the Woods

    As I write this I am huddled in the only place in the entire campground with an electrical outlet-the women's restroom.  I am stubbornly and rudely esconsed in my little red camping chair, right between the sinks, hogging all the electricity from the single outlet for my computer and camera.  Need to blow dry your hair?  Tough, I'm recharging!  So far one woman has laughed out loud and one has loud...more

How to MacGyver a Campfire: Starting a Fire with a Coke Can and Other Fireside Tips

Generally, if there’s any hope for me to start a fire while braving the great outdoors, I need one of two things: my pyro-expert of a younger brother or a fire-breathing dragon. But for those times when my brother isn’t there and my dragon’s just not in the mood, having some surefire ways to a sure fire will definitely come in handy. Here are some tips on what do to if you find yourself in need of a campfire in any of the following scenarios. ...more

Watching someone start a fire from an empty can and chocolate bar would seriously blow my mind. ...more

Camping Etiquette 101

Camping-Fountainbleau State Park--The Kind Nature Intended!

We are all set and ready to go!...more

Camping Organization101...Keeping It Straight!

Camping? Organization is a must! Camping is so fun and exciting! You must stay organized! 1.Shopping List:...more