Camping at Fontainebleau State Park

Since last weekend finding time between events we've been getting the camper geared up and ready to go camping this weekend. This week we've been getting the camper stocked up. The pantry is stocked with food anything you need for name it we've got it~ We're stocked and ready to go. We're also bringing all three dogs....Jazmine, Jack and Scooter. ...more

Vacationing in a Yurt: Fun to Say, Fun to Stay.

In the Washington State Park system, there are a handful of places that offer you more than a flat patch of dirt on which to pitch your tent. You can rent a yurt, a little round house on a platform, complete with bunk-beds, outlets, and oh, my, electric heat. A few springs back, we spent a delightful weekend on the south Washington coast, caring not about the weather, which was (this being Washington State) completely unpredictable. We also stayed in a yurt with a billion-dollar view in Hana on the island of Maui -- this one had a little kitchenette and, just outside, a bathroom that was private but open to the sky. It was indeed paradise, possibly the quietest place we've ever stayed, the sound of the ocean interrupted only by the sound of the rain on the little skylight dome. ...more

It's kinda far, but we did a day trip to Cambria while we were there. Very cute, but most ...more


When I first moved to Nebraska I felt dislocated and out of sorts, smothered by the vast landscape, ironically, and yearning for my home – although I really wasn’t sure where that home was really supposed to be....more

Out of Africa III

 Out of Africa III ...more

Please also read parts I and II on my blog for the full ...more

The Big Rigs

I'm about to head out on a big adventure. Really big, like 30 feet big, like sleeps six, I think big. Like drive through parking spaces big. Yup, I'm getting in a motor home. My road tripping companions and I, buzzing from our successful three week adventure from Seattle to Chicago and back, are doing it again only, you get the picture, this time, we're going big. Really big. ...more

Coming from someone who lives the vast majority of their lives in an even bigger rig with a ...more

"Do you Use your Nipples as Telescopic Interstellar Radio Transmitters?" and other fun camp songs to pass on to your kids!

After a week of empty nest bliss, Skye and I picked up our waterlogged, mosquito bitten boys at Camp Rustic. In the closing ceremony, the camp director referred to the non-stop rain as “liquid sunshine”. Judging by the sectioned off puddles in the parking area, there was abundant sunshine. [Read More]  ...more

Perspective 101: Just Add Chipmunks

by Alice Pettway ...more

For This Mom's Summer, The Stars Moved

by Phyllis Lombardi My son comes home tomorrow from his summer holiday — one that has already made this a very different kind of summer. Summer can mean so many things: a new wardrobe, a new job, a new semester, vacations, camp, slower schedules. ...more