Math, Coding and Explore

I want my kids to do super well in school.  They tested well on their state stardard test but they are so lazy.  Imagine if they read the question and thought about the answers, they can be competitive for higher awards like college scholarships.  All they care about is beating their electronic games.  Why not beat the entire nation on your SAT scores?  How can I make reading and studying fun?Today's goal is to make it through the day without anyone yelling at me. ...more


Today, summer truly begins in my house. School is ending and all 3 kids will be home by (probably) 1:15. To me, "summertime" means no strict school schedules. It means playing more. It means going to the pool. It means time for camp rather than school. It means time for fun....more

Kids Coping With Death-Loss: Year-round Support Groups - Boston

The Souper   Jeff's Place: Year-round support groups in Metro-Boston for kids coping with death-loss. Summer Camp Week affiliated with The Manitou Experience. Join Facebook for Jeff's Place to learn more and share this link with others. Jeff's Place Grief support 4 kids coping with death-loss....more

Those Lazy Days of Summer

In less than twenty four hours I will have my kitchen back and my quiet mornings with tea and the newspaper and my voice. You see I lost my voice as I do every summer yelling at the kids to get ready, turn of the TV, stop Facebooking, Tweeting, IMing, texting (didn’t know those were verbs), clean up your room, pack your suitcase, don’t forget your bathing suit, unpack your suitcase, go outside, and have fun god dammit! ...more

You have just reminded me (all of us) that complaining is a luxury and that each moment is ...more

Fitness For Kids at JW Tumbles

Have you heard of JW Tumbles? ...more