How to Research about a B-School

So now since you have made your decision to do an MBA from a top global business school. The next step is shortlisting your B-Schools and evaluating whether you are the perfect fit for a particular B-School or vice versa.You can gauge a B-School and your chances of getting an admit by analysing the B-School statistics or class profile. There are few ways to gather this information such as–...more

Why Doesn't Princeton Review Rank Best Sexual Assault Prevention and Response on Campuses?

As high school graduations are celebrated around the country, a number of seniors and parents may turn to the Princeton Review to make final choices about colleges, but the women's rights activist group UltraViolet worries that incoming freshmen — and their parents — don't have all the information they need. This month, they kicked off a campaign petitioning the popular college guide to list sexual assault prevention and response rankings. ...more
Yep, I signed the ultraviolet petition.  As a mother of two, i want my daughters to be fully ...more

When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory Overview: When a Third World Came West When I was 22 and at a therapy session with my doctor, he told me that I should write down in a journal what I had been through in the previous year. I had waged a battle between chaos and my level-headedness and the latter had won out. The doldrums of my common sense had finally taken over and left my sail through various exploits stationary, after a hectic ride of me chasing the eye of a stormy guy....more