Virginia Tech University shooting

Virginia Tech University shooting happened again. Why? We all know there is no simple answer to why this terrible attack took place again at the Virginia tech.But for starters could it be as simple as changing the gun laws or addressing the educational system? I know I don't have the answers but I'm curious to see what society wants to learn from this tragic day and focus on the cause, it might just stop it from happening

Campus Security Across the U.S. Needs More Transparency

This week a commission investigating the campus shootings that killed more than 30 people in April 2007 at Virginia Tech released an addendum updating an earlier report to the state's governor.  The findings reported in the 210-page document are disturbing. In the three hours between the initial killing by Seung-Hui Cho of two students in a dorm and his massacre of 30 more people in a classroom building, campus administrators made several errors that resulted in the additional fatalies....more