Cruising the Canadian Blogroll

Every now and then I like to cruise around the BlogHer Canadian Blogroll and see where it takes me. It never fails to turn up interesting blog posts by Canadian bloggers. Caryanne at About The Small Stuff told her story of us. ...more

Usually on Thursdays. I'm always on the lookout for more Canadian woman-authored blogs. ...more

Today's History Lesson: The Battle of Quebec

September 19, 2009 marks the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Quebec.It has all the makings of great drama - a battle and siege that not only determined the capture of Quebec, but determined the future of French rule in CANADA - and to some extent, determined the borders and settlement of Vermont and other neighbouring states as well.  In short,  it changed the destiny of a continent.It is the battle that some Vermont historians call the "French and Indian Wars" or the Seven Years' War (1756 - 1763) described in Canadian and the British history b ...more

The Journey of the fallen Hero


Vicki's Wonderful Sh*t Stacks

Ah, bake sales. The school year's full of them! As if that wasn't enough on it's own, December brings along cookie swaps, gift bags, parties and coffee nights, and of course there has to be something sweet at the table every time! Whenever I think of bake sales (or anything to do with my senior Reach team, in fact, who are all in the photo below), I always have one delicious (and hilarious) treat coming to mind: Vicki's Sh*t Stacks. ...more

The Loonie is not just a crazy person

Hey! Here in Edmonton, Alberta, it is a long weekend. We have a civic holiday here on Monday that I had to admittedly look up why we had a holiday. We have Monday off for “Heritage Day”. There is a Heritage Festival here in the river valley for three days, they have food, crafts, performances, artwork and representatives from the varying cultural backgrounds to talk to. I haven’t been for years; honestly the biggest appeal for me is the food. I am such a philistine. ...more

I do like it better than the Toonie though. ;-)

The Price Check tool is interesting. Quite ...more