The Invisible Women of Canada - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

According to government statistics, Indigenous women are five times to seven times more likely than other women to die as the result of violence. The Native Women's Association of Canada has documented more than 580 cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada, most within the last three decades. Because of gaps in police and government reporting, the actual numbers may be much higher....more
pauldutton1968 This is such a tragedy and yet so little is being done...more

A quick primer on the HST as it is spoke in British Columbia, Canada

Here in British Columbia we are getting launched into another rabid debate over the dreaded HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). It was introduced after the provincial election wherein the incumbent government (Liberal) swore vehemently there were no new taxes waiting in the wings should they be returned to office....more

Stephen Harper and the Industrious Beaver

It was this week the people went to the polls and elected Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a majority government. It was a surprise to many fellow Canadians and Political pundits that the Conservative machine won the vote of the people. It’s a question which left many people wondering how did this happen? ...more

and in those times, I wish I had never read Margaret Atwood's A Handmaids Tale.


Election Day! Our Canadian Political Party Leaders in their Last Minutes of Silence

Do you ever wonder what could be going through a politician's head through the final hours of election day? In order to survive Canadian Politics you must have a competitive spirit, a dash of madness, and a love of politics. It's those final moments as they prepare for the crowds, the media, and the speeches. I wonder what they will be doing in their last moments of silence... In the final hours I suspect: • Gilles Duceppe is working with his tailor to put on the finishing touches of his beautiful suit and selecting a tie ...more

Breakfast with the Candidates: What’s on your Favourite Political Leaders Menu?

The recent polls suggest we have a tight race in this upcoming election. The progressive Conservatives at 36.4 percent, NDP leader Jack Layton at 31.2, and Michael Ignatieff (dear sweet Ignatieff) holding his own at 22 percent. Will Harper have his majority government? Or will Layton steal all of his glory? As the last weekend of campaigning comes to hit us in the face and we watch all of our favourite politicians kiss babies. I wonder what our political party leaders will be eating for breakfast this weekend… ...more

He is tres chic and very eloquent. But sadly, he is a seperatist and will never win my vote. ...more

Speaker Peter Milliken Makes Historic Ruling

In a speech to the House of Commons that has already been deemed historic, Speaker Peter Milliken declared that the refusal of the federal government to provide uncensored reports about Afghan detainees to a special Parliamentary committee was a breach of the privilege of Parliament. Parliament had the right to ask for those documents, uncensored, and when the government refused to provide them they were overstepping their bounds. ...more

Canadian Parliament Prorogued - Again?

I was shamelessly following the press conference announcing the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team (we take our hockey very seriously) yesterday on television and twitter when a tweet caught my eye. It said that the Prime Minister's Office had confirmed that Parliament was being being prorogued until March. Um, say what? ...more

Canadian Parliament Back In Action

Well, after a nice vacation, erm make that proroguation the Canadian Parliament is back in session. It looks like it is going to stay in session for awhile, at least. There are a few things that have changes since the last time Parliament met. The economy has continued to tank. The coalition doesn't seem to be such a viable idea right now. The Liberal party has said good-bye to Dion and given the leadership of the party to MichaelIgnatieff. And now we have have a budget. But will it stick? ...more

Looking back at Canada in 2008

Happy New Year to my fellow Canadians. As we are about to embark on a new journey in 2009 let's take a moment to look back at the past year in Canadian news. It's certainly been a year full of surprises. ...more

Governor General Prorogues Canadian Government

Canadian politics are boring? Canadian politics are not sensational? Pshaw! The last week has certainly thrown that notion out the window. Yes, Canada's 40th Parliament is proving to be a doozy. It's only been in session since November 18 and we've already seen the potential for another election, the potential for a coalition government made up of the minority parties and a lot of yelling. Now none of that is happening (at least not yet) because our Governor General has agreed to the Prime Minister's request that Parliament be prorogued. Translation? Parliament has been shut down for seven weeks so that everyone can get their act together, the Conservatives can deliver a budget and then we'll all be back to square one and looking at a vote of non-confidence. ...more

It's like "yeah I know it is the 21st century but really it is good to be the King."

If only ...more