Pain Does Not Mean Cancer

Your life can change in an instant. You can be a vibrant 32 year old & then suddenly you can feel some sharp pain located at your left underarm & breast. In most instances, pain is nothing to worry about. It generally goes away on its own.“I think I just tweaked something out of place. Maybe I pulled a muscle,” I say, most often....more


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I Was Born A Mother

Some people are born salesmen.  Some are born rock stars. And then there are the born winners and of course.....the born losers.  I was born a mom.  This is something I realized only recently. ...more

Can You Make the Sun Come Back, Mommy?

We were most of the way between lunch in Eau Claire with M's cousins and dinner in Milwaukee with a deploying friend. In the hour before, the sunset stretched from horizon to horizon. Bright purples and reds and orange puffs of clouds, hovering over fields glowing gold beneath the sky. Now the sun was beyond the treeline to the west, and a deep rainbow still clung to the air where it submerged, casting a warmth to the wintry purple of the sky ahead. RH couldn't see the pages of her Pocoyo book, and she called to me from the rear of the car. ...more

Little Red Corvette

Oh lordy, is this my midlife crisis? The math kindof makes sense, and we’re certainly in the midst of some major life transitions, but, really??? Could I be more of a cliché?...more

Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of a Child With Disabilites or a Life Threatening Brain Tumor

Ever since my daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor I have been the recipient of much unwanted "medical" and "spiritual" advice and even though Bethany has been cancer free for fourteen years, because her life threatening illness left her with several permanent disabilities, people still often feel compelled to offer me their witty yet still unwanted advice or versions thereof that I first heard so many years ago....more
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10 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Cancer Patient

So, this post; it's a good place to start. Having someone you know and/or love receive a cancer diagnosis is,'s just a sad reality that all of us will know at least one person with cancer in our lifetime.  I'm bet you are trying to figure out how to not sound like a complete tool when talking to your cancer contemporary....more

Richmond Doulas Auction for Therese

During my pregnancy with my son, Alistair (wow, was that really over a year ago now?!) I had some ongoing prodromal labor for the last month or so. It was incredibly frustrating to go to just about 43 weeks of pregnancy and every night having such intense contractions I was certain I was in labor. One such night...READ MORE......more

Sacred Shearing