Shave Your Kid’s Head to Support Childhood Cancer Research

 Baldricks (Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations)...more

Chili Cook-off For Cancer Research

Not long ago I received a Facebook invite to attend a chili cook-off in Joplin. Since I love chili and never met a cook-off I didn’t like, I visited the event’s page to learn more about the details surrounding the upcoming culinary competition....more

Save the Ta-Tas - Pink Hair Project

I know that I’ve mentioned that my mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor....more

Breast Cancer Under Age 40: What You Might not Know, and How You Could Help

Although the percentage of women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 40 is much lower (only about 7%) than the overall rates of breast cancer diagnosis, sadly, these cancers are often not found in their early stages and can prove to be much harder to treat.  One reason these early onset cancers are more difficult to diagnosis is because the breast tissue of younger women is generally more dense than that of women over the age of 40.  There is also sometimes a "denial" aspect to the early dia...more
Cancer is scary, but it is preventable.  I overcame epilepsy through natural means and that ...more

In Memory: Betty Fox - Woman of Influence

Mrs. Betty Fox – Woman of Influence – Woman of Love – Woman of Vision – Woman with a legacy of her own....more

Heroic glowing monkeys and the greater good

Yesterday morning on NPR, I heard a story about Japanese researchers who successfully created a transgenic monkey that has an extra gene that makes it glow, and its progeny also have the gene. This transgenic research is quite an accomplishment, because the technique can be used to create families of monkeys with genes for human diseases. ...more

Passionately Pink AA Planes for Komen Race for the Cure

October is a month that we see signs of hope in the support for Breast Cancer research and resource including many walk for the Cure. My son Ben and I went to see the unveiling of American's visible support of the cause with their "pink" ribbon on several planes in their fleet along with their commitment of research funding support by AA and their partners. For Ben who agreed to wear a pink shirt (his 16 year old brother had picked out for him earlier in the year coaching him that you are cooler as a male to be able to wear pink) he saw a visible sign ...more

Just $1

So often in life we seem to just "throw away" money on seemingly insignificant little things. Random crap in the check-out line at the grocery store, a candy bar at the gas station, multiple trips to Starbucks in a single day. Those extra dollars can really start to add up. ...more