Turn Your Hair Loss Anxiety Into Self-Empowerment

They call it our “crowning glory.” Our hair is the crowning element of our identity - from our femininity, to age, confidence, and style, we communicate a great deal about ourselves by how we wear and style our hair.  Without hair, we feel stripped of our identity, and in the context of cancer, it often feels like we are systematically being stripped o...more


ABonitaScarf   Bonita Sands designer/owner of ABonita Scarf www.abonitascarf.com is donating 5% of all interent sales to the American Cancer Society from 9-1-10 through 10-31-10.  Bonita recommends to all of those when first diagnosed with cancer to register with the American Cancer Society.  The ACS helped me by paying for travel to my chemo and radiation treatments, they also paid 100% of all my pain medications.  By finding an American Cancer Society Boutique near you, you may shop for goodies like:head scarves, hats, wig...more

Cancer Scarves Made Of Cotton

ABonitaScarf: When I went through hair loss due to chemo treatments for my lobular breast cancer I found wigs unbearable in Florida's heat and humiditity. I wondered how one was supposed to continue swimming in the cool ocean with a wig on!  I felt a need for something cool and comfortable and fashionable to get me through my ordeal....more

Cancer Scarves-Scarves For Cancer

When I lost all my hair during my chemotherapy I found hats and wigs uncomfortable and worried they would fall off while doing the things I love to do like boating, biking, swiimming, going to the beach, riding on the back of a Harley or in my convertible. I knew there had to be a fashionable yet functional and at the same time comfortable head covering. I designed and patented a unique 4 in 1 head scarf that has a built in adjustable headband that snaps and stays on!  What a relief knowing that I would not be embarrassed with my bald head showing to everyone! ...more

Cancer Scarves That Make A Fashion Statement

Finaly a cool, comfortable, fashionable head scarf for cancer patients or those with other health issues such as Lupus, Alopecia, Hepatitis C and other hair loss issues. Bonita Sands a breast cancer survivor saw a need for a more fashionable solution to hair loss so she designed the ABonita Scarf. This unique fashion headscarf has a built in adjustable headband that snaps. The best thing is you can snap it on snug and it stays on while doing activities such as swimming, boating, biking, riding in convertibles or going to the beach on a windy day. The ABonita Scarf is a big hit with bikers. ...more

Holiday Spirit - True Giving

While holidays are a time for family gatherings, they are also a time of need for many.  The elderly, the sick, the poor, the disabled and many more will find little joy in this holiday as they deal with circumstances beyond their control.  The difficult and uncertain economic times we are all experiencing make this holiday season an important opportunity to find the true meaning of giving - to give and expect nothing in return. ...more

Help Us to Help Others with Medical Hair Loss!

Wouldn't it be nice if the world automatically empathized with, understood, and supported women experiencing medical hair loss? If you've ever contemplated such a wish, did you stop to recall your own awareness of medical hair loss prior to losing your hair? ...more

Headin' Into Fall

Hello Beaudivas! Now that summer is finally behind us, it is time to fall forward into the autumn trends. For those of us without hair keeping our bald heads warm is first and foremost!  Here are some scientific facts about how our body loses heat on a cold day: ...more

Heads Up! Its Alopecia Awareness Month!

Once an Alopecian- Always an Alopecian…   ...more