New cancer test uses a sugar injection!

I'm sure this is more technical than it sounds or someone would have thought of it years ago!Because tumors consume more glucose than healthy tissues, a new MRI scan can detect cancer just by giving the patient an injection of sugar first. (It also works - at least on mice - using the sugar in half a chocolate bar.)They call it glucose chemical exchange saturation transfer (glucoCEST) and it's a relatively simple way to use imaging to map tumors. This is cheaper and less dangerous than traditional injections of radioactive material....more

The Dual Realities of Breast Cancer Screening

More and more studies are telling us that breast cancer screens lead to unnecessary treatment.  I think it all boils down to your focal point, population vs....more

When Found Early Doesn't Translate Into Treated Early

Screening Saves Lives.  We’re bombarded with the message.  Colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, cervical cancer, you name it cancer, heart tests, blood cholesterol tests, on and on… so long as we screen we catch it early and we survive.  For better or worse, that is the message seared into my cells....more
Two months is a long wait and I can only imagine the emotional toll this has on her. I wish your ...more

New Study Finds Prostate Cancer Screening May Have No Benefit

A controversy is brewing over the benefits (or lack of benefits) of screening for prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer doesn't affect women directly, it does affect the men we love, and that's why these latest studies on screening are so important for us to understand. ...more

Who Wants to Have My Colonscopy for Me?

Silly title. But, really, I am quite serious. If I could pay, badger, coax, or persuade someone else to have my colonoscopy for me, I would. Oh, I don't mind the procedure itself so much, although my veins are still scarred from the multitude of needle pricks I had six months ago. It's the preparation I mind. The liquid diet on the day prior is fine. It's that darned stuff I will  have to drink that worries me. I've had a couple of prior experiences with "cleaning out," and it was not pleasant!...more

The Three Words You Never Want To Hear Your Doctor Say: "I Found Something."

Perhaps, if I had gone to the doctor with symptoms, I wouldn't have been so astonished when, after my pelvic exam, she said, "I found something." She gave me a moment to register what she said; then, she continued, " It could be nothing - maybe I felt some intestines. It could be a cyst, but she added, "at your age, (I'm 59) that is unlikely, and before she could say the third option, I said it for her, " Or, it's cancer." She nodded. ...more

Hi Elana - great name :)

i am so happy that your test results came back negative. i love to ...more

Mammography is Imperfect But Essential, and New Guidelines Foolish

by Bonnie Reichman, M.D. ...more