physical and emotional detox

There are simple and direct methods I use to detox my body.Some of the things I eat every day include; green tea, turmeric tea, sprouted almonds, flaxseed oil, and a plant based diet and I thought that was enough to keep me healthy.When I was in the hospital I remember not wanting any of the processed and packaged crap that they wanted to feed me.Once I got home I ate mostly watermelon for about the first month. Today, I still crave watermelon and have watermelon, chopped into bite size pieces,  in the fridge....more

Turn Your Hair Loss Anxiety Into Self-Empowerment

They call it our “crowning glory.” Our hair is the crowning element of our identity - from our femininity, to age, confidence, and style, we communicate a great deal about ourselves by how we wear and style our hair.  Without hair, we feel stripped of our identity, and in the context of cancer, it often feels like we are systematically being stripped o...more