Do ANY Candidates Understand Cannabis?

When Presidential candidates speak, I barely listen anymore, even if I like the person. I had such hopes for our current President. I voted for him twice, and I thought that he would find a way to reschedule cannabis, but he hasn’t as of yet. Hillary supports rescheduling cannabis so that it can be researched. Evidently she doesn’t realize that this has already happened in other countries and in kitchens across the United States. Bernie seems interested in moving forward on some form of decriminalization, but I never hear actual truth from any of the candidates....more

Their Turn

Presidential election cycle in the U.S. I’m so weary of it and we have a year to go. It’s making me very tired and short-tempered when it comes to political rhetoric.Many candidates don’t have anything helpful to say. They talk and talk and talk, and all I hear are empty promises and sometimes outright nonsense.The students at my community college look at me funny when I refuse to talk politics with them.Instead, I say, YOU are the ones that need to consider running for office.Their eyes bug out of their heads. What was in Mrs. B.'s coffee this morning?...more
I think if we all lived in the same community, the one with the least skeletons could run and we ...more

America’s Message: 2010 Election Recap

Politician in Training If you ask Darling 1 what he wants to be when he grows up, he will tell you: Bruce Springsteen, a base...more

Politics: The Hottest Midterm Election Races of 2010

Congress is the talk of the town with the election only two months away. The big topics: the economy, balance of power, and women candidates. A few governors' seats are also up for grabs with strong women contenders. We wanted to highlight some of these hot races -- particularly the ones with women candidates from both major parties. ...more

What I like about Tarryl Clark is that she's a listener. I met her at Netroots Nation and she ...more

The Real Damage Palin/Bachmann Bring

It's only been one day since the Palin/Bachmann rally in Minnesota and I'm already annoyed.  At everyone.  The media-right is in a froth right now about a Palin/Bachmann ticket, one built on their good looks and innuendo-ladened stump speech.  And there's really no way to talk about the event, or the reaction without it creating the equivalence of a hostile-work environment as it's just so charged in a gendered/sexualized fashion, in large part because deep down this country still cannot wrap its collective brain around and not get weirded out by feminine power....more

Cynthia McKinney: A Lesser-known Presidential Candidate

I swore I wasn't going to post political arguments, but I seem to have failed numerous times.  So I'm just going to stop apologizing.  McCain's okay, but Sarah Palin scares the shit out of me.  I see her face and my ovaries start to tremble in fear. ...more

Wait a minute, I thought Pres. Bush was the Devil?

Why can't Liberals have a political ...more

California Central Coast Political Watch

. Please check us out at We will speak liberally, factually, respectfully and forcefully about candidates and issues. ...more

Why I'm an Artist (and Not a Politician)

I just broke up with the Daily Kos.  It was never a very honest relationship.  ”There are some things about you that I don’t like, but I’m pretending to ignore them.”  This morning I got dressed and went straight to the computer. ...more

Clinton Finds Voice, Wins Half of Young Voters

UPDATE: This morning after the dust cleared, CIRCLE (pdf) had revised numbers that puts the vote count at 84,232 voters under 30. I've said it before but I'll say it again - the real winner tonight was young voters. Unlike the post I did a few days ago, we saw a whole different Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tonight. ...more

IA Youth Wrap-up and Hillary's Youth Troubles

Kristina reported right after the caucus, greeting us with the most exciting numbers - over 65,000 people under 30 caucused. It was with a tearful eye that I have read, in vindication, the hourly google news alerts that include the words "young voters" that are brought to my inbox. Sunday's San Francisco Chronical chimed in with enthusiasm ...more