Scents of Fall- DIY

So, when Davie and I were registering things before we got married I told him we MUST have a Crockpot. I read all of these wonderful recipes and how easy it is, so I decided it was one of the necessary things.When I received my Crockpot at the bridal shower it was so excited! I dreamed of the wonderful things I could make in it....more
This is a great idea! I might try this next week :)more

Creating Soy Candles in Easy Steps

You can learn to create candles out of soy in just a few easy steps. It’s easy and, best of all, soy is a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles. Soy wax has a lower flash point and can be melted at a lower temperature. It also cleans up easily in soap and water. The elements required to create your soy candle are as follows: •    Soy wax - flaked soy wax is the easiest to use and I purchase mine from Kentucky Candle Wax Supply, Inc.•    A container - I use my own handmade pottery ...more