Canned Food Safety

photo credit to: balayoga.comHome canning preserves fruits, vegetables and meat into glass jars. It may be a safe and economical way to preserve food for home consumption. Oftentimes, home canned foods bring forth a sense of pride for its makers. They are given as gifts to family and friends as well as a start to a small business....more

Does the Expiration Date Matter?

A few times a year I take stock of what’s in the pantry, culling those items that we just don’t use.  This time I happened to notice two cans which were beyond their expiration dates.That got me wondering, “Does the expiration date really matter?”...more

Getting ready for winter - household items to have on hand.

The Farmers’ Almanac is a predicting a wet winter with an El Nino pattern, here in Northern California and a wild winter back east. When storms come in you never know what the end turn out might be. Being prepared is not a huge chore....more

Another reason to eat your greens

Are you now, or have you ever been, a consumer of canned food?Yeah, me too.And I was none too pleased when I learned that epoxy-lined cans appear to be our main source of bisphenol A (BPA) exposure. I now avoid most canned food, which is kind of a drag convenience-wise (although it has done wonders for my soup-making skills). Nonetheless, I'm still troubled by the estrogen-mimicking chemical's widespread presence in food packaging and other items (cash-register receipts is my new favorite)....more